The best varieties of cucumbers in the letter C

To get a rich harvest, you need to choose the right kind of vegetables for planting. The market offers a wide range of new and old hybrids, so it's hard not to be mistaken. What are the best cucumber varieties with the letter C?

The best varieties of cucumbers in the letter C

Import selection

European breeding school has long been popular among farmers. Amazing crop plants are devoid of the disadvantages inherent in the culture. To get the most out of the variety, you don't have to buy an expensive hybrid.


An early gherkin type cucumber, in its characteristics, resembles the popular Othello F1. From the appearance of seedlings to the collection of products an average of 6 weeks passes. Parthenocarpic plant does not need pollinators, bears fruit without problems both in greenhouses and in the open. Not susceptible:

  • to all types of powdery mildew;
  • to cladosporiosis;
  • to the mosaic virus.

According to the description, the Salinas F1 variety is small cucumbers that do not grow longer than 12 cm. Neat fruits are covered with a thin skin with small dots. Their flesh is crispy and fragrant. The variety is suitable for pickling and pickling.


A successful Polish hybrid will delight farmers with a long fruiting period. Resistance to many diseases allows you to remove cucumbers during the summer and autumn until the first frost.

Soplik F1 variety is tiny, neat fruits that do not grow longer than 10 cm. When overgrown, they do not lose their presentation and characteristics. The odorous pulp without bitterness has a pleasant sweetish taste.


A powerful early plant from Dutch breeders designed for open ground. The bee-pollinated variety bears fruit stably during the summer and mid-autumn, and quickly regenerates after stresses.

The Sparta hybrid is a neat cucumber, the length of which ranges from 6 to 12 cm. The fruits of a cylindrical shape are covered with delicate skin with noticeable pimples. Juicy pulp has a rich odor, does not bite. It is recommended for fresh consumption.


A popular Dutchman who is easily formed in open and closed ground. The hardy bush does not shed ovaries when temperature fluctuates, especially in the heat. It is characterized by a friendly return of fruits during the summer and mid-autumn. He is not afraid of the most dangerous cultural diseases.

Hybrid Sigurd is a large-cucumber cucumber that grows up to 12 cm in length. The odorous pulp without unpleasant "surprises" is suitable for multipurpose use. External and taste qualities are preserved during transportation and long-term storage.


Safaa fruits are not bitter

An early Dutch breeding variety needs to be pollinated by bees; it grows equally productively both under agrofibre and in the open. Weak shoot formation facilitates harvesting. Culture is resistant to temperature fluctuations and the most annoying ailments.

Hybrid Safaa F1 can be recognized by the appearance of cucumbers. Glossy dark skin with barely visible tubercles covers neat greens. The fragrant catchy pulp is suitable for universal use.


One of the best ultra-early varieties is presented by the Polish breeding laboratory. Harvesting can begin 30 days after the appearance of sprouts above the ground. Parthenocarpic bush bears fruit until the first frost, does not die from common ailments.

Sremsky hybrid cucumbers have excellent quality and taste indicators. Zelentsy are medium-sized, grow up to 11 cm in length. Freed from specific species “surprises, ” the product will be an excellent option for multi-purpose use.

The sultan

"Dutchman" does not require pollination, therefore it is relevant for cultivation in greenhouses and on the street. It is characterized by a long stage of fruiting and immunity to dangerous sores. Quickly regenerates damaged by heat and cold tissue.

Hybrid Sultan is classified as a salad variety of cucumbers. The average length of greens reaches 12 cm, on top of the product is covered with shiny bright skin. The fruits have a memorable rich aroma without a specific bitterness.


An early bee-pollinated crop will delight farmers with a harvest 40 days after the start of the growing season. The strong bush is not afraid of mistakes of leaving and diseases (fungi, infections). Friendly ripening of fruits until mid-autumn.

Sonata F1 has a thin shell without yellowness and stripes, covered with small tubercles. Genetics deprived Zelentsy of unpleasant bitterness, so universal use is allowed.


The variety will please the early harvest.

The new Turkish breeding plant pleases with an ultra-early harvest time - 33 days after hatching from the seeds. The bush does not shed ovaries, is not afraid of diseases and heat, gives fruit from mid-summer to late autumn.

Sentinel F1 is not in vain attributed to the products of the gherkin variety. Beautiful pickles do not outgrow and do not lose commercial qualities during transportation.


Stinger is an unpretentious plant that can grow in any type of soil. A strong bush with a powerful root system will find water and nutrients at any depth. He is not afraid of drought, has resistance to typical cucumber ailments.

Variety Stinger gives a plentiful harvest with any care. From sowing to harvesting, 50 days pass. Delicious odorous gherkins are covered with a dark shell with small pimples.


Variety seeds appeared on the Russian seed market recently, but quickly gained popularity among gardeners. A powerful plant enters the yield stage 50 days after hatching. High tissue regeneration allows you to recover in a short time after failures of agricultural technology. The variety is not afraid of fungal diseases and minor colds.

Cucumber superhybrid Soplitsa - a tiny gherkins. Their odorous crisp flesh does not even have a hint of unpleasant bitterness. During long-term transportation and during storage, the fruits do not lose their commercial qualities.


Breeders annually breed varieties that produce excellent fruit without insects and pollinating cucumbers.


The secret is a parthenocarpic plant with enhanced shade tolerance. It is equally easy to develop both in the open air and in heated greenhouses. In each nodule, three ovaries are formed. The variety is resistant to the following diseases:

  • mosaic;
  • spotting;
  • rot;
  • all types of powdery mildew.

Hybrid Secret - these are medium Zelentsy, growing up to 14 cm in length. Coarse cucumber is covered with a strong shell with small spikes. Pleasant, crispy flesh.

True perfection

Cucumbers are ideal for canning

An excellent variety of domestic selection, which is intended for growing indoors, although it can grow in the open. The average yield per square meter is 28 kg. In the nodules of the lashes, 6 ovaries are formed. The species will not die from common cultural ailments.

Hybrid Perfection itself is beautiful, neat cucumbers, the length of which does not exceed 10 cm. The products are covered with bright skin with spots and a white edge. The pulp is medium density, therefore suitable for conservation.


The plant begins to bear fruit 6.5 weeks after active seed hatching. Parthenocarpic species does not need pollinators, it is equally harvested both indoors and in the garden. Thanks to successful breeding work, the variety will not die from the most dangerous cultural diseases.

Stepka F1 is neat cucumbers, the mass of which does not exceed 100 g. It has a delicate skin with prominent tubercles and black spikes. Thick pulp does not bite.


Parthenocarpic hybrid will delight the first fruits 6.5 weeks after hatching from the seeds. Cold resistance allows you to take the crop before the first frost. The plant has improved immunity to common fungal ailments.

Variety Dragonfly F1 is classified as a gherkin type cucumber. Short cylindrical greenbacks do not grow more than 12 cm in length, are covered with skin with large tubercles and light spikes. Dense, crunchy pulp has a pleasant taste, suitable for canning.


Seryozha is a famous Russian hybrid for indoor cultivation in winter and spring. Recoil begins 70 days after mass shoots. It has a fixed yield throughout the growing season, does not die from powdery mildew and cladosporiosis.

Seryozha F1 has a specific “greenhouse” appearance. Cylindrical cucumbers grow up to 18 cm in length, covered with smooth, shiny skin with spots. Their rich taste without bitterness and bright aroma are relevant for fresh cuts.


The fruits are universal to use.

A strong plant with a powerful root system is grown in simple film constructions. The ultra-early variety gives the first fruits on day 45 after planting. It does not require the formation of a stem and is not afraid of fungal ailments.

Hybrid Saar gives about 18 kg of products per 1 square. m. Beautiful small cucumbers grow up to 11 cm in length. They are odorous, without bitterness and voids, therefore suitable for multi-purpose use.


Suzdal unpretentious hybrid for a novice farmer. It does not need pollination, without problems forms fruits in the premises and in the field. It is characterized by a long fruiting period, which begins on the 43rd day after the appearance of the leaves.

Suzdal is classified as a universal use. Such cucumbers have enough sugar in the pulp, there is no bitterness. The outer shell is thin, covered with small tubercles.

Bee pollinated

Parthenocarpic varieties require pollination, which makes them more resistant to disease.

Son of the regiment

An early pollinated hybrid will delight with a decent harvest 45 days after hatching from the seeds. Fruiting friendly, long, ends with the onset of cold weather. The plant will not die from:

  • scabs;
  • mosaics;
  • peronosporosis.

Variety Son of the F1 regiment are neat, small cucumbers that can be collected in the condition of pickles and gherkins. Zelentsy do not age and do not lose their product characteristics. Crispy fragrant flesh is suitable for universal purposes.


An interesting plant for cultivation in the open. The medium-sized bush withstands large Zelentsy - up to 150 g. The crop gives an abundant crop 49 days after planting, it is characterized by systemic resistance to diseases.

Hybrid Solar belong to special canning varieties. It contains a lot of sugar, which improves the taste of the finished product. A thin shell with noticeable spots passes marinade inside without any problems.


This is a popular bee-pollinated hybrid, giving the first crop 6 weeks after hatching sprouts. A powerful plant with strong branching is resistant to all typical ailments. At least 5 kg of cucumbers are removed from one bush.

Characteristics of vegetables Nightingale F1 make them the favorites of domestic farmers. They have neat fruits, covered with a bright shell with noticeable large tubercles. The length of green leaves varies from 8 to 11 cm, weighs up to 85 g. Excellent taste parameters make it possible to use products in salads and pickles.


Slavic cucumber will please with taste

The plant begins to bear fruit from the seventh week of cultivation. High productivity and unpretentiousness when growing makes the hybrid a favorite among domestic farmers. Culture is not afraid of a drop in temperature and does not suffer from typical ailments.

Slavic F1 is a universal cucumber with excellent taste. Small greens are similar in appearance, they are covered with a thin shell with light stripes and large pimples.


The hybrid begins fruiting 45 days after emergence. A bee-pollinated plant is grown under temporary shelters and in the ground. It is not afraid of dangerous cultural ailments and irregular agricultural technology.

Tomboy F1 refers to the gherkin type of cucumber. Small cylinders are covered with thin skin with light stripes. Sweetish crisp pulp is used both in salads and in preservation.


A successful plant is formed without problems in each type of soil. Abundant and friendly harvest begins at 45 days. An unprincipled bush with powerful roots is not afraid of temperature changes, it will not die from typical diseases.

Cucumber Semcross F1 will appeal to even the most demanding gourmets. The attractive appearance of the greenhouse makes it a great option for conservation. The odorous, sweetish pulp without bitterness and voids will become an adornment of any table.

Russian nugget

A tall bee-pollinated bush with a powerful root system is not afraid of heat and cold, adapts to any conditions without problems. It is allowed to grow in the open air and greenhouses, but it is necessary to provide access to insects. Productivity begins on the 46th day, fruiting is long, ripening is friendly.

Cucumbers of the Russian Nugget variety are difficult to confuse with other hybrids. Small greenbacks are covered with a small pimple. Products are characterized by high sugar content and rich aroma.

Northern Lights

Among the salad varieties, it is worth noting this variety. A powerful bush with weak branching requires the presence of pollinators. It experiences significant temperature fluctuations in both directions without problems, and is disease resistant.

Variety Aurora Borealis F1 - these are large cucumbers reaching a length of 19 cm. The fruits are covered with a bright shell with longitudinal light stripes. The taste is saturated, inherent in salad products.


A strong bush with a developed root system is intended for cultivation in arid areas. Productivity is high, stable and begins after 6.5 weeks. Quickly regenerates after stressful situations, disease resistant.

Hybrid Stepnoy - these are short cucumbers, covered with a delicate shell with weakly expressed spots. They have almost no seeds.

For cold regions

Producers of "Semko" or "Zedek" brought cucumbers that can be grown in cold regions. Moreover, all varieties have high yields.


A powerful bush is considered a favorite among the northern varieties. He is not afraid of heat, cold and will not wither due to lack of irrigation. The plant has a strong immunity to anthracnose and mosaic, so it is suitable for cultivating novice farmers.

Hybrid Sibiryak - these are small cucumbers covered with thin skin with small pimples and white spikes. The attractive smell of crisp pulp makes the product a desirable option for salad and preservation. During transportation and storage, the fruits do not lose their product characteristics for a long time.


A variety suitable for cultivation in any conditions. The parthenocarpic variety enters the fruiting stage 6 weeks after emergence, is not afraid of temperature spikes, and is immune to the main fungal ailments.

The variety is resistant to temperature fluctuations, blooms profusely and simultaneously at 4-6 knots.

Hybrid Northerner intended for universal consumption. Cylindrical greens are covered with coarse peel and reach a length of 14 cm. Delicate crisp flesh has a rich taste without bitterness.


An excellent cold-resistant plant will delight farmers with a plentiful harvest in a short time - up to 50 days. In the open ground with 1 square. m remove 10 kg, and in the greenhouse - 25 kg. The variety is partially self-pollinated, but it is recommended to plant it near varieties with male flowers.

Saltan is a delicious cucumber of universal use. Small "cylinders" in length no more than 11 cm. The odorous pulp is covered with a thin shell with partial pubescence.


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