Benefits of planting potatoes with eyes

Planting potatoes with eyes is a special agricultural technique used by private gardeners when they want to achieve large potato crops at minimal cost.

Benefits of planting potatoes with eyes

The essence of eye planting

The active development and growth of potato culture largely depends on the creation of favorable conditions for the plant. The process of ripening the crop and its effectiveness is directly tied to the control of pests and diseases and infections characteristic of vegetables. To reduce the level of exposure to negative factors and the multiplication of infections allows reducing the consumption of planting material and reducing the footage of usable land. All this allows you to do the agrotechnical method of planting potatoes with their eyes.

Correctly selected planting material affects the effectiveness of planting potatoes with eyes.

The essence of the effectiveness of such a planting of a vegetable crop is to provide a sufficient number of potato tubers with minerals. This is difficult to achieve when growing vegetables in the usual way. With him, the entire branchy bush begins to sprout shoots from one tuber, each of which has its own root. A rotten planting tuber glassy and does not provide adequate nutrition to the processes. As a result, the number of strong shoots is reduced. As a result, the gardener receives a heterogeneous crop, consisting of large and small potatoes.

By giving each individual potato eye the opportunity to develop separately, you ensure that there is no need for the bush to spend energy on the struggle for nutrients.

The result of planting potatoes with eyes will be an opportunity to increase the productive indicators of the potato crop in fairly small areas. At the same time, the vegetables are large, proportionate to each other, with the correct shape.

Benefits of Landing with Eyes

The use by private gardeners of a special method of planting potato crops with eyes has its advantages over the usual cultivation of vegetables from whole tubers.

Among the main advantages of planting vegetables in this way, reviews of practitioners note:

  • significant savings on seed,
  • the potential to introduce new potato hybrid varieties,
  • uniform development of potato bushes on top of the beds creates a retaining layer for moisture,
  • selection of healthy potatoes makes it possible to grow a healthy crop,
  • when planting immediately after the end of the cold weather, it is possible to get an early potato crop.

Among the main disadvantage of planting potatoes with their eyes, gardeners indicate high human labor costs in the selection and preparation of seeds, because the efficiency of cultivation and the future crop depend on a correctly carried out technological process.

Preparatory stage

Seeds need to be cut before planting

To grow a good crop of potatoes from planted eyes, you will have to work hard, carefully selecting the seed material. Among the basic rules:

  • the selection of exceptionally large potatoes, the rejection of small vegetables,
  • the choice of fruits with well-developed eyes, which are several in a single vegetable,
  • selected seeds are cut immediately before planting in soil, planting material is not prepared in advance,
  • the resulting seedlings require abundant mineral bait.

At the preliminary stage, the selected seeds are placed in a warm place. This is done approximately 30 days before the date of planting potato eyes in the soil. For this, the selected planting material is placed in wooden boxes or boxes with holes or openings that create ventilation.

The temperature of germination of the eyes for planting potatoes in soil, the temperature in the room should not fall below 12 '.

If for the normal planting of potatoes enough educated green or purple sprouts are enough, then for planting potatoes with the eyes, additional stimulation of the development of the sprouts is carried out so that they give roots. Stimulation is a spray of planting material with warm water for a week. Some gardeners add stimulating solutions of epin and zircon to the water (8 drops per glass). Stimulation of the growth of planting material is carried out 20 days before the proposed landing.

Eye planting methods

Experienced gardeners have more than one way to plant potatoes with their eyes.

  1. The first involves cutting potato tubers into equal parts so that the sprout is not affected. The landing hole does not differ from the usual one, the distance between the ridges is half a meter. When the first seedlings appear, the plants are spudded and fertilized, for which mono use humus or superphosphate, bird droppings or cow dung.
  2. The second method requires pre-growing seedlings from cut out in the form of cones of sprouted eyes. They are stored all winter, covered with ash in a cool room and transferred to a warm place 30 days before planting. In loose soil, planting material needs to be planted with the eyes not down, but up, a centimeter of earth is falling asleep from above. Seedlings are transplanted into the open ground when at least five leaves have formed on it.
  3. The third proven way to grow potatoes from the eyes involves planting in sawdust. To do this, simply lay the potato slices on the bed and fill it with sawdust in a layer thickness of up to 15 cm with the addition of peat fertilizer. Sawdust must be pre-matured to get rid of excess acidity.

According to reviews of gardeners, any of the listed methods of growing potatoes from eyes can provide you with a rich harvest of potatoes.


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