The benefits of goose eggs

Goose eggs differ from chicken eggs in size and density: they are 5 times larger than chicken eggs, and also 50% denser. The color of the shell is often dominated by a limestone-white hue. In addition, the product has a very rich taste and is characterized by a high content of vitamins. But a goose egg loses to a chicken in terms of fat content and aroma.

Goose eggs

a brief description of

Goose eggs (pysanka, norost, gren) are usually used in cooking; they eat no more than one at a time. They have a pleasant taste and add piquancy to any dish. It is believed that goose bark is a delicacy. The product is used for baked products, and also added to a vegetable casserole. You can also make an omelet from it. But professional chefs warn that only with the right temperature and cooking will the pysanka taste good. And they usually eat it already cooled, then there remains only a pleasant aftertaste. If you cook incorrectly, you can get a specific smell and a rather unpleasant taste, therefore, you need to be careful about this.

It is said that the taste also depends on whether the bird received enough fresh grass. Among other things, birds do not differ in cleanliness, so their products can tolerate microbial bacteria. Many doctors advise against eating raw grena. The best option is to cook a pysanka or add it to the dough for bread or pastry. Wash the eggs well before adding.

Often, a fresh product is odorless, but if it is felt, it means that it has already deteriorated.

In order to cook gren, you need to boil it in a pan under the lid, preferably for 15 minutes. When cooking, it is better to collect plaque, which may be on the surface of the water. If you cook the dish for already 30 minutes, you get an excellent soft-boiled goose protein. How exactly to cook it depends on personal desire.

Is it good to eat

Goose eggs on average have a mass of 150-250 g. The benefits and harms of them are a topic that deserves attention. The nutritional value of eggs can be understood by their weight. If an ellipsoid weighs a lot, then it contains a lot of vitamins and calcium. The egg contains enough nutritious minerals and vitamins, namely:

  • calcium;
  • phosphor;
  • chalcanite;
  • an elixir from group B;
  • Elixir A, as well as K and E.

Norost has a good effect on the brain and helps the work of sex hormones. It can also be added to food to improve memory, to clean the blood vessels and liver from toxins that have accumulated inside.

A goose egg looks almost the same as a chicken egg, it simply is larger and has a more rounded shape. The egg has a strong antioxidant found in the yolk. It has such a rare substance as lutein and is very useful for the human body. Also, a person diagnosed with eye cataracts will be extremely helpful to include a goose egg in their diet.

Doctors advise pregnant women to add a goose egg to their food list. However, firstly, it is best to take the freshest product, and secondly, it is better to cook it for half an hour - this is the only way to get rid of all the germs. If you do not comply with the conditions of use, such food will only be harmful.

Beauticians recommend making a vitamin facial mask from pysanka. To do this, you need to separate the protein and the yolk. The yolk is separately mixed with chopped tomato. For a dry skin type, you can add tomatoes, after which mix well and put on your face for 20-25 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

The product does not have a negative effect on the human body. The only contraindication is a goose egg allergy or its individual intolerance. The caloric content of such eggs is 184 kcal per 100 g of product.

How to buy

Today, goose eggs are almost impossible to find in a supermarket or in the market. The reason is sanitary standards. As mentioned earlier, goose eggs are carried by bacteria, and checking every egg is a very expensive business for any enterprise. Also, geese do not rush as often as hens, so it is difficult to achieve constant and regular supplies.

In addition, they are not in great demand as food products, most often found in cafes or restaurants. But people who themselves keep a small flock have a great opportunity to create good conditions for keeping geese and their eggs so that they are clean. How much these eggs cost depends on the supplier and the conditions for growing geese: on average, 55-77 rubles apiece.

What egg is in food?

It turns out that most people do not even know if goose eggs can be eaten. It is possible, but only with this, you need to adhere to several rules. To extract only the positive from eggs, you need to know a few simple rules.

  1. The product that the goose just blew must be washed in the first 3 hours. Its shell is thicker and stronger than that of a chicken, therefore, if you do not do this for 1-3 hours, the microbes will penetrate inside, and then no chemicals can be removed from there.
  2. The egg has its own peculiar smell and taste, which not everyone can like, so before buying, you need to find out from the seller what his birds eat. If the bird constantly receives fresh grass, then the taste will become much easier and softer.
  3. You can’t eat a raw egg, before you eat it, it is important to boil it carefully for 10-15 minutes.
  4. It is better for children not to add goose eggs to the diet, since if chicken can become a powerful allergen, then goose and even more so.
  5. Also, before buying, it is worth checking the appearance of the eggs and their smell. If there is no smell, they are fresh.
  6. The egg contains a lot of calcium, which favorably affects the bones. The egg also has enough vitamins for brain function.

Cooking Rules

A goose egg contains a lot of calcium, it has a high fat content, so it is often used in the preparation of various confectionery products and vegetable casseroles. 2-5 g are usually added to bread products.

Consider a general description of how to cook a pysanka. The most important rule is to wash the egg thoroughly. To do this, substitute it under warm water and rub abundantly, especially places where there were residues of dirt or feces.

You need to cook them for 15-20 minutes, and it is advisable to use them with bread, salad, etc. If you like to cook hard boiled, then you should leave them on fire for 20-30 minutes. Duck grena are good for digestion. You can also make fried pancakes from them, but they say that fried grena has a far unpleasant taste. This will not bring harm, but the taste will remain, so they are not recommended to do something fried from them. Table wine goes well with a yolk-based vegetable casserole.

How to store

You won’t be able to buy duck product in the supermarket: special conditions are needed for storage. If you break them, then the goods will deteriorate. At home, it is best to store eggs in the refrigerator. In order to preserve their beneficial properties, it is best to store at a temperature of 2 ° C, humidity should be from 80%. It is important to remember that geese can carry various diseases.

Each of us has a chance to diversify the diet and decide what is worth consuming and what is not. Of course, for some, the product in question may seem strange, but it's still worth a try. A goose egg that is healthy and quite unusual in taste is a great alternative to chemicals and fast foods. Why poison your body if you can accustom it to something tasty and healthy?


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