The benefits and harms of goose meat

Goose meat is a source of iron and protein. Poultry fat contains virtually no cholesterol. But, since this meat is not eaten as often as chicken and duck, the benefits and harms of this product are not known to everyone. People who eat goose know how valuable his meat is. Due to the fact that the cultivation of geese for meat is a rather painstaking process, the cost of poultry is much higher than that typical for the chicken we are familiar with.

Not everyone can decide to breed geese at home, as it is not always profitable, despite the fact that geese for meat grow quite quickly.

Goose meat

Calorie content of the product

Is goose meat really that good? At first glance, it may seem that the meat of geese is quite oily, but this is not so, most of the fat is in the skin of the bird. The calorie content of goose meat itself is low, however, it is still considered fatty. If you separate the skin from the meat, then the calorie content will be noticeably lower. Unfortunately, goose meat is not recommended for people who follow a diet.

Goose fat is associated with the fact that it is a waterfowl, a layer of fat protects it from hypothermia. It is worth noting that its fat is very useful, but the fat of chickens that people love is human contains concentragens, which is why it is not recommended to use it in its pure form. Goose fat, on the contrary, enriches the body with the necessary vitamins of groups A, B, C and minerals such as iron, zinc and calcium, and cleanses the accumulated radionuclides and toxins. Most of all useful properties in a young bird.

Goose benefits and side effects of eating goose

What are the benefits of goose meat? In addition to the above beneficial properties, goose meat also has medicinal properties, namely:

  • helps to improve the human nervous system and positively affects the digestive tract;
  • has an excellent choleretic effect, which is extremely important for urolithiasis;
  • slows down the development of cancer cells in the body;
  • enhances and strengthens the immune system;
  • increases hemoglobin, therefore it is especially recommended for people suffering from anemia;
  • prevents the development of cardiovascular disease.

No matter how wonderful the goose meat may seem at first glance, it should also be understood that harm from goose meat is also possible: eating it regularly, there is a risk of quickly recovering, which is not recommended for people who are obese. Goose is contraindicated in cases of diabetes mellitus, pancreatic diseases, as well as atherosclerosis.

How to choose a goose

If you decide to diversify the diet by introducing goose into it, you should understand how to choose the goose. Firstly, the skin should pay attention: it should be a characteristic yellowish hue with a pink undertone without damage. If the skin of the bird is sticky, you should refuse to purchase this carcass. Good meat, if you press it with your finger, will be quite dense and resilient, will quickly take on its previous shape. It is best to buy a large carcass, as it is more tender and juicy compared to a small goose.

To determine the age of the bird, you need to look at the color of its paws: in young individuals they are yellow, and in adults - red. Fat also deserves attention: in a young individual, it is transparent and clean, but if it is yellow, it means that the bird is old, and therefore drier and harder.

It is advisable to keep the carcass in the refrigerator for no more than two months, a profitable purchase would be the purchase of a domestic goose.

How much should a bird weigh? A good goose weighs at least 4 kg or 4.5 kg. When cooking, the meat of the young bird will be softer.

Cooking poultry

After buying a goose, a reasonable question arises: what can be cooked from a carcass? The easiest way is to bake in the oven, pre-stuffed with cabbage, apples or dried fruits. The dish is perfect for festive evenings. It is also important to cook it correctly so that it turns out tasty and juicy. On the Internet you can find many recipes for every taste. In order for the meat to have a special taste, it is recommended to grate the carcass with salt and spices, and then leave it overnight in a cool place. You can also marinate.

To make the goose meat juicy after cooking, the breast and legs are pierced, as a result of which the fat released from the goose flows around the carcass, and it becomes juicy.

If the time for baking is short, but you still want to enjoy goose, you can cook a delicious goose broth, and make meatballs from meat.

An excellent dish is also roast. To cook it, you don’t have to buy a whole goose, you can limit yourself to roast meat. This dish is perfect for people who like to eat fast and tasty. You just need to fry the meat with vegetables and spices - and the dish is ready. Potatoes are great for garnishing: fast, tasty and unusual.

It is also a great idea to cook a pate of poultry. When cooking, you can use not only the liver. Perfect heart and stomach. The beauty of this dish is that it is not necessary to use fresh offal. The paste will be much healthier and tastier than purchased. Having bought a whole carcass, it will be possible to cook only one part, and freeze the rest.

Is unusual goose meat useful? Definitely yes. Goose dishes always bring novelty not only to festive tables, but also to everyday meals.


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