The benefits and harms of dried pomelo

Dried pomelo is often found on store shelves or supermarkets in the form of candied fruits and dried fruits. Such a product is useful for the body, it is not high-calorie, therefore it is used in dietary nutrition.

The benefits and harms of dried pomelo

Chemical composition

Dried fruits pomelo are characterized by a high concentration of carbohydrates in the composition. The presence of a large amount of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is noted: about 10 mg per 100 g of fruit.

As part of a dried pomelo, there are many vitamins A, B and P (about 30 mg of each of the vitamins, per 100 g):

  1. Vitamin A helps maintain vision.
  2. Vitamin B and P have a positive effect on the condition of the intestines and bone tissue.

Calorie Dried Pomelo

There are few calories in dried pomelo (about 90 kcal), so it is allowed to use it with proper nutrition or diet. Despite the low calorie content, dried fruit pomelo is very tasty. In addition, each piece of candied fruit is characterized by beneficial properties for the body.

BJU ratio:

  • about 0.5 mg of protein;
  • 0.3 mg of fat.

Most carbohydrates, about 65 mg: a high level is achieved due to the fact that pieces of fresh pomelo have to be processed with hot sugar syrup and boiled in this state for several minutes. It is saturated with sweet syrup. If you are worried about the figure, it is better not to use such a product in large quantities, but a few pieces a day will not bring harm.

Beneficial features

The description indicates that the dried slices broom are characterized by great benefits to the human body:

  • Improve the state of the circulatory system - this is ideal for those who have low levels of white blood cells or platelets in their blood.
  • Accelerates the blood circulation process, a person's working capacity increases.
  • Useful properties are also noted on the brain, which after eating the dried peel, the pomelo begins to work much more actively.
  • Positive effect on the state of the nervous system. If you suffer from bouts of nervousness, insomnia or increased irritability, start using dried slices or the peel of an exotic fruit.
  • It affects the condition of the bone tissue or respiratory system.
  • Provides protection against vitamin D deficiency, tuberculosis, or pneumonia.

The benefits of dried pomelo are also noted in the effect on the immune system. Thanks to him, immunity increases, and a person begins to less often get sick with viral or seasonal diseases.

Pomelo removes toxins from the body

Pomelo accelerates metabolism, regular use will remove all toxins and toxins from the body. The pancreas begins to function actively, which helps to reduce the risk of developing diabetes mellitus (if you have a genetic predisposition). During weight loss, the dried peel promotes the breakdown of the fat layer in the body. As a result, the process of weight loss is much faster.

Pomelo selection rules

The appearance of the product indicates its quality.

Quality dried fruit pomelo should resemble a crescent. Slices should be dense, green.

If the aroma is saturated, then its expiration date has expired. A quality product has a subtle smell. The taste is sweet, with slight notes of acid, a slight bitterness and astringency should be clearly heard.


Do not use the product for diseases of the stomach or intestines. You can not eat dried pomelo with an ulcer or gastritis - due to the presence of ascorbic acid, inflammatory processes intensify.

With caution, use dried jabs with cholecystitis or hepatitis - the symptoms of the disease are aggravated. In the presence of diabetes mellitus or obesity, it is allowed to eat no more than 1 piece per day - only this way it does not do any harm to the body. Otherwise, blood sugar rises, leading to weight gain.


Candied fruits are characterized by the same benefits for the body as fresh fruit. The calorie content of dried pomelo allows you to enter it into the diet with proper nutrition in moderation. You should not get involved in them, because they use sugar syrup for cooking. Before use, you need to pay attention to contraindications.


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