The benefits and harms of chanterelle mushrooms

Chanterelles are a common type of mushroom in temperate climates. They live mainly in deciduous and mixed forests under pines and birches. Finding the fruits is easy, thanks to the bright color; fruiting lasts from summer to autumn. The benefits and harms of the chanterelles manifest themselves, depending on what species was collected.

The benefits and harms of chanterelle mushrooms


Chanterelles have a tall, thin stalk of yellow or reddish color. A hat of the same shade, twisted in the shape of an umbrella with uneven edges. The plates are frequent, well pronounced. The flesh is white, reddens when pressed, has the smell of dried fruit, sour taste.

Fruits grow in different sizes, often up to 10 cm in diameter. Grow in clusters in deciduous forests on the soil. Massively bear fruit after heavy rains with thunderstorms.

The beneficial properties of chanterelles make them popular among mushroom pickers. The variety is easy to collect and process, because insects do not affect it. The rotten places are carefully cut.

Types of mushrooms

Allocate about 60 subspecies of the chanterelle. Edible such: cinnabar, ordinary, velvety, faceted, yellowing, tubular.

True chanterelles from false chanterelles are easily distinguished by their growth location:

  • False fruit grows on a rotten tree or leaf litter.
  • Omphaloth grows only in the subtropics and also in the dust.

In false mushrooms, the color is always bright, the skin is thin, the edges of the hat are perfectly even. At the break, the pulp of a dangerous mushroom does not change color. Typically, poisonous bodies grow one at a time.

Fruit benefits

The benefits of Chanterelles for the human body are undeniable. Raw mushrooms contain:

  • Vitamins A, B.
  • Vitamin D.
  • PP group.
  • Salts of copper and zinc.
  • Amino acids (as a part of protein).

In addition to the vitamin and mineral complex, the use of chanterelles is in the content of quinomannose. Thanks to her, insects avoid the fruits. The substance has an antiparasitic property for the human body.

So that the benefits of chanterelles for the body are manifested, they should be properly processed. Hinomannose is destroyed at 60 ° C, so eat dried fruits or prepare alcoholic tinctures. Also, the pulp is almost entirely composed of fiber.

What else is the health benefits of mushrooms:

  • improve vision;
  • stimulate the immune system;
  • stabilize the liver;
  • cleanse the intestines.

Chanterelle is a low-calorie fruit. 100 g of crude product contains 38 kcal. Chanterelle mushrooms are beneficial in the diet and are a delicious dietary supplement for those who fast.

Product harm

Mushrooms absorb harmful substances

For the human body, chanterelles can be dangerous. This happens in several cases:

  • Fruits are collected in toxic places, and these substances infect human organs.
  • In humans, individual intolerance to fungi.

Also cautiously recommend eating fruits:

  • children under 7 years old;
  • To old people;
  • pregnant women;
  • people with a weak stomach, intestines, allergies.

Domestic use

The people of mushrooms tend to get the maximum benefit. They are useful in traditional medicine. But self-medication is not worth it.


Useful mushrooms in any cooked form. They are boiled, fried, stewed, dried. Edible fruits do not need to be soaked, it is permissible to immediately begin processing. Gentle methods:

  • drying;
  • quenching;
  • freezing.

It is not recommended to eat raw fruits: it is difficult for the body to digest them due to chitin. When cooking, the amount of nutrients decreases, as in frying. The mushroom is combined with sour cream, cream, herbs and vegetables. They do not recommend eating it with meat: these are heavy products.

The chanterelle tolerates deep freezing well. Cold softens hard fruits, but part of the vitamins are lost.

Harvesting dried fruits is better on their own. Do not buy from hand: mushrooms can be toxic. Industrial products contain less nutrients because they are processed at high temperatures.

The medicine

They make alcohol tinctures from the view to strengthen immunity. Dried or raw fruits are poured with vodka and left for 10 days in a dark place. Drink 10 g every day for 2 months.

For the winter, powder is prepared, which also serves as a material for tincture. A handful of powder is poured into 200 ml of vodka and in the autumn and winter period they drink 5-10 g in a course of 14 days. They are prescribed as an additive in the diet with a lack of copper and zinc in the body. Also in folk medicine they attribute the properties of natural antibiotics.


The health benefits of chanterelles are invaluable. It is a healthy product for the body. They contain vitamins, protein, anthelmintic substances. Eat mushrooms in moderation. Of these, tinctures and decoctions are made to strengthen the immune system.


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