The benefits and harms of broccoli

Scientists have proven that the body absorbs plant foods best. What are the benefits and harms of broccoli for human health? We will examine in detail the strengths and weaknesses of broccoli, consider the chemical composition and kbzhu.

The benefits and harms of broccoli

a brief description of

The delicious annual crucifer family is a type of cauliflower. Externally, broccoli has a longer stem and dark green dense inflorescences. For the first time, culture appeared on the tables of Italians.

The vegetable has a pleasant aroma and rich taste. By the way, all parts, even the stump, are edible in these plants. They are used as a side dish or as a supplement to soups. Juice with apples and celery has long been the favorite refreshing cocktail of athletes.


The beneficial properties of broccoli have been known for a long time, they appear in an amazing combination of substances. Cabbage is recognized as one of the leaders in the content of vitamins and minerals. To understand what the feature of the vegetable is, we carefully study all the components.

Calorie content

Low energy value and a huge number of important elements allows you to include diet food in the menu. Calorie content depends on the method of preparation. Fresh in 100 g no more than 34 calories, in boiled - 28, and in fried - 46.

The ratio of BZHU per 100 grams (in%):

  • protein - 40;
  • fat - 19;
  • carbohydrates - 41.

These substances are in readily available form. The body easily assimilates all the components. Despite a sufficient amount of carbohydrates and sugar, the product does not cause weight gain. Fiber "sweeps" all unnecessary from the body, activating the metabolism. The benefits of broccoli are manifested in sports and diet.

Important elements

A delicious vegetable is an excellent source of healthy substances. Minerals and vitamins in broccoli are contained in large quantities.

The composition of broccoli:

Vitamin A is needed for vision, skin and the proper functioning of the immune system. One serving of popular cabbage contains approximately 11% of the required amount of retinol. Group B is widely represented (1-3, 5, 6, 9). In addition, there is tocopherol and a rare component of U, which has anti-oncological properties.

A bunch of minerals of iron, sodium and potassium is responsible for the health of the cardiovascular system. Regular intake of substances helps the body stabilize hemoglobin levels. Chem. elements of calcium and phosphorus are responsible for the proper formation of bone tissue of the teeth and skeleton.

Broccoli contains amino acids. The complex of leucine, valine and isoleucine is not synthesized in the human body and is ingested from food. They are fuel for muscles, improve physical endurance and have a positive effect on health. From glycine, methionine and arginine, the substance creatine is formed, which is involved in the metabolism of nerve cells.


Vegetable suitable for diet

Enriching your diet with broccoli is enough to keep your body in good shape.

Diet food

The beneficial properties of broccoli are best manifested in weight loss. Low nutritional value in combination with a high protein content helps in the construction of muscle tissue, and carbohydrates saturate with energy, while the product does not harm the figure.

It is useful for people with ulcers and gastritis. The plant destroys bacteria that cause the development of dangerous diseases of the stomach, and restores the mucous membrane. The abundance of fiber normalizes the proper functioning of the system and stimulates metabolic processes.

Broccoli puree is good for children over 6 months old. The hypoallergenic product does not cause rejection, therefore it is allowed to be used for the first feeding. Food is quickly absorbed by the digestive system.

Tincture from a vegetable promotes the production of bile, neutralizes intoxication, normalizes water balance.

The cardiovascular system

The benefits of broccoli are noted for people suffering from anemia. The plant has chlorophyll and a whole complex of minerals that improve blood composition.

Regular use prevents the accumulation of plaques in the vessels and strengthens the heart muscle. Juice and broth have a light diuretic property, relieve swelling in the tissues and reduce blood pressure.

Reproductive system

Broccoli contains a lot of vitamin and minerals that are responsible for the formation of human sex cells. Usefulness is noted for both women and men. This is especially true for people engaged in hazardous work.

A high content of folic acid is necessary for the normal formation of organs and tissues of the fetus, vitamin A is needed for the development of the baby’s nervous system.

It is recommended to use at all stages of pregnancy. Women can easily tolerate all changes in the body without losing a good mood. In addition, the vegetable has a lot of calcium, which protects the teeth.

As part of broccoli, there is vitamin U, which protects against the development of adenoma and prostatitis. High levels of A and C affect sperm quality. With regular use, sexual potency in men improves.


Cabbage will help with lung diseases

Delicious delicacy is considered a powerful anticarcinogen, therefore it is used in the treatment and prevention of cancer. The concentration of substances in seedlings is 50 times higher than in fresh cabbage. Broccoli inhibits the development of cancer cells and relieves inflammation.

Scientists from the University of Michigan have found that the sterols that make up the product help reduce the risk of developing certain types of breast tumors in women.

Antibacterial properties help people with asthma and lung diseases. The plant improves the body's resistance, destroys pathogenic bacteria in the bronchi. It is useful to take microgreens and decoction of inflorescences to mitigate coughing attacks.

Fresh cabbage contains a lot of vitamin E, which positively affects the skin. These features are used in cosmetology, using the product as a component of masks. Porridge from a vegetable relieves fatigue from the eyelids, and mashed potatoes from boiled parts with honey remove wrinkles from the face.


It is worth knowing not only about the benefits of broccoli, but also about the contraindications available.

Digestive system

Pancreatitis is a disease in which cabbage in any form is prohibited. The abundance of fiber is harmful to the pancreas, and all the healing properties are leveled. It is dangerous to eat fresh vegetables, and after heat treatment it is allowed to eat at least 100 grams per day. The delicacy is introduced gradually, observing the body's reaction to it.

Is broccoli good for gastritis with high acidity? Due to its rich composition and the presence of plant fibers, the product is not recommended. Using prohibited foods in your daily diet can exacerbate the disease.

When fried, any vegetable loses all its nutritional value. During heat treatment, dangerous carcinogens are formed in fat. Substances do not retain positive properties, leaving only negative.

When the product is abused, coarse fibers can irritate the gastric mucosa, causing discomfort and upset gastrointestinal tract. The benefits of broccoli will be shown only with moderate use.

Individual intolerance

What other contraindications are there for broccoli? Despite its hypoallergenicity, a vegetable can cause immune system rejection if a person is allergic to cabbage.

The product contains a lot of vitamins C, A and B. An overdose of components causes a disorder of the nervous system, insomnia.


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