Araucana Chicken

The Araucan breed was bred by 1492 according to the principle of choosing hens carrying colored eggs and unpretentious roosters. Hatching is directly related to the uncharacteristic greenish-blue color of the egg shell. For a clear definition of the species adhere to European standards.

Araucana Chicken

Brief information about the breed

  • Type of productivity : egg.
  • Rooster weight : about 2 kg.
  • Chicken weight : 1.4-1.6 kg.
  • Start of ovipositor : 6-8 months.
  • Egg production : medium (160 pcs per year).
  • Features : unpretentious, easily tolerate temperature extremes.
  • Egg size : medium, 50.
  • Is it suitable for a beginner : yes.

Detailed description

Chicken Araucan was imported from the South American continent, with the Indians previously engaged in breeding.

The view is definitely created for lovers of productive and exotic living creatures. A tailless laying egg carries a bluish egg.

The absence of a tail is an advantage during battle, so this type is most valuable. The characteristic color of the shell is achieved due to the presence of the biliverdin pigment in the laying hen.


Araucan chickens have certain features in accordance with German standard.

  1. Head size is small. Feathery thick pompons and a beard are characteristic. Reddish eyes are complemented by an orange tint throughout the iris, and the small, hook-shaped beak is directed straight. On the head are earrings and a comb.
  2. The body kit is downed. The body is almost regular oval, there is no tail due to an undeveloped tailbone. The chest is expressively convex with broad shoulders and back.
  3. The color of the legs is greenish and there is no plumage. The number of fingers on each of them is 4.
  4. The males are large. Severe sexual dimorphism is noticed.

Unacceptable parameters when choosing an individual for breeding:

  • sloping back;
  • pointy butt;
  • ridge position on one side;
  • asymmetry of pompons;
  • the presence of the tailbone;
  • the shell is not bluish or turquoise.


The nature of the male and female representatives differs dramatically.

Layers are calm, peaceful and easily get along with other relatives, and roosters are noticeably active, often come into conflict, fight and compete with any species.

Strong opponents do not scare them, with rare exceptions attack people in the absence of security.

Advantages and disadvantages

Unusual and expensive eggs

Before buying exotic breeds, pay attention to all the pros and cons.

Main advantages:

  • easy care;
  • minimum requirements for content;
  • egg production by 6 months of age;
  • decorativeness;
  • rare-colored egg;
  • resilience with sudden changes in temperature.


  • the cockerel is aggressive;
  • minimal incubation instinct in laying hens;
  • high cost of eggs.

Rarely, breeders are faced with fertilization problems due to the strong fouling of chickens with feathers, so it is recommended that they be sheared. Prices for decorative birds are about 250 rubles.


Araucans have excellent egg production. After reaching puberty, laying hens issue up to 160 pieces. during a year.

Hatching problems include regular looking after the young. Only in this way can a positive result be achieved.

With high purchasing power, clients should be engaged in breeding chickens, otherwise it is better to find a cheaper bird.

Low cholesterol in the yolks makes the product useful. Nutritionists note a high concentration of vitamins in eggs and recommend them for use.

Breeding Features

A fairly rare breed does not require special care in breeding. The reason for this is resistance to changes in temperature and humidity.

Chickens and adult hens are unpretentious and do not feel discomfort in enclosed spaces or aviaries. Every month you need to do an intimate haircut to solve the problem with excessive plumage for full fertilization.

The tail zone is cut out 5 cm in diameter monthly to produce offspring.

A high percentage of egg growth is a huge plus, but an incubator is used to increase fertility. This allows you to adjust and increase the number of chicks.


Before incubation, it is recommended that you carefully inspect the egg for damage.

You can only buy from trusted farmers who are serious about raising birds and temporarily quarantine them during this period.

Before mating, it is worthwhile to prepare individuals due to the structure of their skeleton.

Nestling food

Feeding includes foods rich in minerals, vitamins, and macronutrients. This is the key to proper development and the absence of deviations or diseases.

The problem with the gastrointestinal tract is solved by mixing gravel and small shells.

Chicks should receive boiled eggs, grated with cereals, cottage cheese, greens. In the process of growing up, switch to finished feed.

Chick Care

Araucan chickens need special care. To reduce the risk of disease, regulate the intake of protein in her body.

With constant temperature, clean water and proper nutrition, they will grow up healthy and resistant to disease.

Features of care and maintenance

Easily tolerate winter temperatures

Easy adaptation to harsh winters is a huge plus for Araucan. Lowering the temperature to -6 does not affect the state of the bird. The usual warming of the house without additional heating is enough.

Content Tips:

  • separate location of the breed;
  • preparing a spacious perch for laying hens;
  • eliminate poisonous plants on the territory of walks;
  • add zones with ash to prevent parasites.

Chicken coop

It is recommended to constantly process the premises. Due to the wayward character, the Araucans will not tolerate neighbors.

Drinkers and feeders are required. The area for walking is fenced or a canopy is built.


Disinfection of feeders will protect the bird from diseases. Vitamins and minerals must be present in the diet. The presence of calcium is required.

The food is the same as that of other chickens. They mainly give protein food, so it is worth highlighting the most useful supplements:

  • cake;
  • earthworms;
  • Beans
  • fish
  • bone meal.

Be sure to alternate with carbohydrates: pumpkin, carrots, potatoes. The normal development of the body involves the presence of: silage, yeast, bone meal.

Older chickens can get protein food.

Place for walking

The walking area should be next to the chicken coop. Then the birds will adapt to new conditions, temper the body and diversify their nutrition.

A canopy is required. This will allow you to hide from direct sunlight and relax in the hot season.

Content and disease problems

According to the description, an exotic bird is in no way inferior to ordinary chickens.

Strong immunity and easy adaptation are important qualities, but improper care will cause a number of problems:

  • feather tick - a direct source of baldness, leading to death;
  • fluffers that destroy feathers at the base;
  • helminths in contact with other individuals;
  • fleas.

Frequent disinfection will help to avoid all the nuances and prevent the bird from getting sick.

Owner reviews

Most breeders are happy with the breed.

They note the unpretentiousness and quick adaptation, the absence of nutrition problems, simple care and the wayward nature of the birds bribe the owner.

Frosts do not affect health, but, on the contrary, temper the body of hens.

Everyone who breeds Araukanov is satisfied with the results: they especially like the exotic look of hens (lack of tail), as well as unusual turquoise eggs. Productivity is good, it depends on the provision of conditions and equipment perch.


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