Application of Bon forte for orchids

Bona forte for orchids is a concentrated fertilizing complex for prolonging the flowering stage of a plant.

Application of Bon forte for orchids

Varieties and chemical composition

Liquid fertilizer Bon Forte is presented to manufacturers in 2 versions - “Beauty” and “Health”.

The chemical composition of the series "Beauty" are:

  • macronutrients - 1.3% magnesium, 4% nitrogen, 2.5% phosphorus, 7.0% potassium,
  • trace elements - molybdenum, iron, manganese, cobalt, boron, zinc, copper,
  • vitamins - thiamine, C, niacin,
  • ethane dicarboxylic or succinic acid.

In the chemical composition of the Health series, instead of succinic, 0.5% of humic acid is included.


In both fertilizer complexes, the main constituent element - nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium NPK, or azofoska - gives the plant additional nutrition, magnesium activates the photosynthetic process in the leaves. In the Beauty series, succinic acid acts as a growth stimulant, and in the Health series, humic acid renews depleted substrates and for a long time preserves chemicals in the ground, giving orchids the opportunity to gradually receive them in the required amount.

In fertilizer complexes, the main constituent element is nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium NPK

The additional elements that are part of the chemical preparation in chelate form:

  • provide a full and balanced diet, stimulating the active development of vegetative parts and roots,
  • contribute to the full assimilation of beneficial substances by the plant,
  • strengthen disease resistance in orchids,
  • activate active flowering, accelerating the start time, providing intensity and increasing duration.

Tonic growth stimulant and a drug for plant health are used for healthy flowers, the condition of which is not weakened by diseases and stresses resulting from transplantation.

Bona forte for orchids is used after 1-2 weeks after the transplant procedure.

The use of Bon Forte is not recommended for patients or damaged by plant pests, with the exception of complex use with other drugs in the treatment.

Scheme and processing methods

The use of fertilizer complexes, according to the instructions, is possible at different stages of plant development:

  • At the stage of active growth from March to October. Liquid fertilizers "Beauty" and "Health" are applied at intervals of 1 week. This provides additional support at the developmental stage; therefore, a complex with succinic acid is more often used.
  • At rest, from November to February. Frequency of application - once a month. The limited use of the complex is associated with the absence of the need to stimulate flower growth, therefore, the use of liquid fertilizer containing humic acid is recommended.

Before the direct application of Bon Forte, the roots of the flower are necessarily moistened. This avoids a burn of the root system with the active substances of the drug.

Use fertilizer complexes according to the instructions

The drugs according to the instructions make one of the possible methods:

  • by root dressing, for which 5 ml (1/8 of the cap from the bottle) of Bon Forte are diluted in 1.5 liters of water. The flower is watered with a working liquid by the usual immersion method for 20 minutes,
  • by foliar feeding, for which 5 ml of the drug is diluted in 3 l of water and the leaves and roots of the plant are sprayed with a working fluid, avoiding moisture from inflorescences and buds.

In order to avoid leaf burns and roots of a flower, a root burn is followed by the concentration of the working fluid specified in the instructions. The product is diluted with settled or filtered water at room temperature. For spraying use a spray.

The series "Health" and "Beauty" alternate with an interval of 2-3 months after application.

Precautionary measures

The finished working solution is suitable for no longer than 14 days after preparation. The fertilizer complex does not lose effectiveness after freezing.

The drug belongs to hazard class 4 and requires the observance of basic hygienic rules during work: the use of protective gloves and hand washing.


A balanced fertilizer for Bon Forte orchids is essential for flower development. It provides abundant flowering and extends its duration up to six months by activating the process of photosynthesis with the help of its constituent magnesium and stimulating growth through the succinic acid contained in it.


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