Apple tree cultivation Marat Busurin

Apple tree Marat Busurin was bred on the basis of the American donor SR0523 and the apple tree Autumn joy. In 1982, this variety hit the market.

Apple tree cultivation Marat Busurin

The ease of care and the long shelf life of fruits made her a favorite in gardens and summer cottages. In the state register, it was noted only in 2001.

Grade characteristics

According to the description, the variety of apple trees Marat Busurin is picky in care and rich in its fruits. There are a number of qualities that make it popular:

  • excellent dessert qualities of fruits, which also retain their original presentation for a long time;
  • high fecundity;
  • sufficient frost resistance;
  • unpretentiousness in leaving and a high degree of survival;
  • a convenient crop for harvesting and applying crohn care measures.

Deficiencies to date are not defined.

Tree description

Mature trees correspond to the average size of other fruit trees. Their height does not exceed 3 m, which is very convenient for harvesting, pruning and processing. Relate them to natural semi-dwarfs.

The foliage is light green, curved in shape along the central vein.

The leaf is glossy on top and rough on the bottom, slightly pubescent, dense and has an elongated shape. The short petiole has no stipulation.

The flowers of the apple tree are beautiful, large, white with a pinkish tinge.

Fetal characteristic

The fruits themselves are slightly larger than average. Depending on the conditions, the weight is from 100 to 250 g. They can be transported and stored for a long time.

The fruit is rounded. There is slight ribbing.

On a smooth glossy surface there is a light coating of bluish color.

The ripe apple has a greenish-yellow skin with fuzzy violet-red stains on most of the fruit.

Over time, when the apples have been lying for a long time, these stains will become brighter and sharper, and the main color will become white-marbled.


The most fragrant apple used to be considered Antonovka. The smell of fruit Marat Busurin somehow reminds him.

Like most dessert varieties, this one has a sweet and sour taste. Suitable for fresh consumption as well as for use in cooking.


The tree needs to be fed regularly

Autumn grade high-yielding. The first fruits can be tasted already in the 4th year of life, which is quite early. With each year, the yield increases markedly.

With the small size of the tree itself, one can collect about 120 kg of apples. Harvest from 1 ha is on average 35 t.

For ripening and good fruiting, the tree does not need rest. Timely feeding and moderate watering are enough for him.

Winter hardiness

Winter-hardiness characteristics are high. The tree survives this period better in places protected from the cold wind.

Disease resistance

If the tree is located in a small infield, he is not afraid of scab, because the variety is highly resistant to scab.

In large areas, due to the high concentration (saturation) of this disease, additional treatment with pesticides may be required.

Growing regions

Initially, the variety Busurin was bred for cultivation within the Moscow region. When creating it, the rather cold, damp and changeable climate of the region was taken into account.

Today, the tree successfully survives in other territories similar in climatic and natural characteristics.


This variety does not have any features in planting and care. Seedlings take root well and rooting is fast enough.

The timing

Landing can be carried out both in autumn and in spring.

The main condition in the fall is to plant before the cold weather begins, in the spring - to plant after the cold weather, when the snow will fall and the earth will take at least some heat. For this purpose, annual seedlings are best suited.


To get started, choose a place to land. Avoid drafts: wind gusts can disrupt flower stalks and damage branches.

The soil should be loose, it is good to pass water, air and various fertilizers.

  1. The place for the tree should be sunny, not shaded by anything and protected from gusty wind. The distance to groundwater should exceed 2 m in order to protect the roots from getting into the water and further decay.
  2. Prepare a soil mixture of chernozem, peat and humus.
  3. Dig a hole measuring 60x60x60 cm.
  4. At the bottom of the pit, it is advisable to add 0.5 kg of wood ash, pour the prepared soil mixture and mix everything with the addition of a bucket of water.
  5. Place the cuttings in this mixture, spread the roots and sprinkle with earth.
  6. Be sure to support the tree.
  7. Form a watering hole around the trunk.


The tree is easy to care for

Marat Busurin apple tree is classified as semi-dwarf. Many people choose trees of this type for their site because of the ease of care.

For agricultural work no additional hands are needed to help and tools. At any stage, even though you can trim, you can independently carry out all manipulations with the tree.

At first, the plant is cut according to a sparse-tier scheme. The tree will try to bear fruit already in the second year, but for the first 2 years do not let it do it.

Remove flowering and young shoots, the plant should form a good root system. As soon as you see that the plant is hard on the number of fruits - set up supports, this will ease the load and protect the branches from breaking.

Harvesting and storage

Marat Busurin apples can be stored for a long time. The first fruits appear in late August, and in early autumn, until mid-September, ripening is completed.

Thick dense skin contributes to long-term storage. Apples are safely stored until the New Year without additional processing.

Proper storage conditions include dry, ventilated rooms with a stable temperature of approximately 5 ° C.

Pest and Disease Control

Breeders have not yet come up with a variety that would not be afraid of any garden pests and diseases.

According to the description, the first and most common pest that infects a tree is an aphid. Insects breed rapidly and colonize in trees. In a couple of days, they spoil most of the tree, hit the foliage and green shoots, suck the juices and leaves off them, the young shoots die.

Better pre-process the plant. Bordeaux mixture or copper sulfate is suitable. This should be done at the beginning of the budding of the kidneys. These same drugs protect against many fungal ailments.

Insecticides can be used for immediate treatment. From folk remedies, tobacco and ash are effective.

Apple moth is no less dangerous. Its caterpillar eats leaves during the flowering period. It is important to treat the tree from this pest until the leaf blooms and the flowering period begins.

Gardeners reviews

In their reviews, gardeners note the good data of this variety and their interest in its cultivation. Many people recommend the Marat Busurin apple tree, because it gives a high yield, and the dessert variety is in demand in the market.


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