All the most interesting about horses, unusual facts

Ever since the time when a man first tamed a horse, he did not cease to constantly learn and discover something new about him. Interesting facts about horses are not familiar to everyone, because for most people a horse is just a beautiful, majestic animal that has its own characteristics, but does not stand out from a number of other living creatures.

Interesting facts about horses

In fact, this is an erroneous opinion. If you look at the whole animal world, then very few living beings will be compared in beauty and strength to a horse.

Physiological features

  1. Horses are herbivorous domestic mammals, but their body structure (unlike that of sheep or cows) is oriented towards movement.
  2. Another interesting fact about the horse: it has a fairly flexible skeleton, consisting of more than 200 bones, so that the horse can perform jumps, paces and stunts.
  3. The horse breathes exclusively through the nose, since it does not know how to do it by mouth. If you close the horse’s nose, it will die due to a lack of oxygen.
  4. In a peaceful state, the respiratory rate is 15-16 breaths per minute. If the animal moves, then it increases 7-8 times to 110 breaths in 60 seconds.
  5. In 1 day, the lungs pump over 110, 000 liters of oxygen.
  6. If we list all the domestic animals, the horses are really unique: they have the largest heart, whose average weight reaches 4 kg. At the same time, in racehorse representatives, the weight of the heart reaches 7-8 kg.
  7. The horses have a very interesting thermoregulation: they sweat very much. 80% of all heat is removed through the sweat glands, which are strewn with hoofed skin.

Memory and sensations

Another interesting information about horses is that horses, by the combination of unique characteristics of smell, vision and memory, can perfectly capture the characteristic aroma and remember it for a long time. Researchers have recorded cases when a horse returned home during the war or when he traveled quite long distances in search of a master.

If a person offends an animal, revenge for the inflicted pain will soon overtake him. These mammals perfectly remember situations, and also understand a causal relationship. This is used by trainers who, for circus performances, train animals to perform spectacular activities.

Sensitivity is another assistant that allows you to navigate the terrain. History knows a lot of situations when an animal helped children or adults to get out of difficult places. Also, these artiodactyls quickly capture the feelings and mood of a person.

Unique vision and hearing

The horses have excellent eyesight, of all mammals they have the most voluminous eyes, so they can see well at almost 360 ° C, that is, in front, on the sides and behind. This viewing angle allows the animal to prevent many unpleasant situations. Plus, the horses see the world in color, though without blue and red. In the dark, horses well recognize a variety of objects.

There are still interesting facts about the horse: he has a good ear, and not only ordinary, but also musical. It can be so well developed that the animal determines which music plays and prefers a particular style. Most often these are calm compositions (classics). Poorly tolerated individuals are too loud music, it causes them concern. They are able to catch the sound and, if necessary, increase the volume, so animals hear much better than humans.

Differences between horses of different sexes

Regardless of breed, the stallion is very easy to distinguish from a mare. Even the largest in size mares can not be visually compared in size with stallions. Males have a wider chest, they are taller and much larger. There is a difference in character: the mare is much more docile, calmer, while the males are bolder and faster excited in stressful situations.


The most interesting facts about horses relate to hooves. The hoof is one of the unique and important parts of the whole body, which is a large amount of keratinized skin.

The hooves fully bear the weight of the animal, so during movement they have a sufficiently large impact force. Despite the external density, they are extremely sensitive, because the nerve endings and blood vessels are concentrated in them, which is why hooves must be periodically examined and cleaned.

Another animal shoe. This method of protection, was invented in ancient times, then the horseshoes were better known as "shoes". Initially, they were made from dry grass, but over time they transformed into a modern look. The sizes, as well as the materials for the horseshoes, are different, but they all play the role of a strong and reliable lining.

Skeleton and hairline

Oryxes have extremely strong bones compared to any other ungulates or mammals.

Scientists after research say that the strength of a horse’s bone can be compared with the strength of a stone like granite. But there is one negative point: if a horse breaks a bone, then in the wild it will die, since the damaged areas are extremely slowly restored, and this dooms the animal to a lag in normal development.

The hair in these mammals is as strong as the skeleton. In ancient times, a bowstring was made from them. Nowadays, a lot of various objects and devices are made of horsehair: grinding shafts, which are used in the glassworking sphere, brushes, fishing line for fishing tackle, brushes, etc.

Smile from the horse

The most interesting facts about horses concern their smile. Quite often you can see how the horse, raising his head, lifts his lip up. This sight cannot but cause a reciprocal smile.

In fact, there is an explanation for this phenomenon, which in science is known as Flemen's syndrome. Thus, the animal tries to better smell the aroma caught earlier.


The horse most often sleeps while standing. This is inherent in nature, because if the crow is in the wild, at night the most dangerous situations for the horse can happen. For example, the attack of predators on a horse herd. In such conditions, no horse can afford to sleep lying down. The horse has a special structure of legs, therefore, in order to reduce the load during sleep, it is able to block joints (knees) and sleep for several hours.

When the stallion feels too tired and realizes that he is safe, he calmly lies on his side and falls asleep. If horse sleep is not disturbed, the animal can dream.

An unprecedented doctor

Everyone knows that horses are the most unique representatives of the world of our smaller brothers, they have mastered many different professions. People often bet on equestrian sports, train crows and use them in various exhibitions and shows, and in small villages horses are the main means of transportation, although their breeds are designed to fulfill different goals.

Scientists have studied another interesting point: the animal’s biofield can have a significant impact on the general condition of a person. More precisely, on the state of mind - if life has a black streak and overcomes depression, you need to walk for at least a few hours next to a fast pet. Today there is a whole scientific field called hippotherapy. It sanctifies methods and methods of treating a patient while riding. Such training has a beneficial effect on diseases of the spine, helps to correct gait and posture. This therapy is primarily necessary for children.

Horses are self-medicated. After a busy and active day, with the help of a specialized massage, she normalizes blood circulation and rhythm. And this is far from the most interesting thing about tamed horses.

Core professions

Equestrian police squad

For the first time, such a direction arose in the 19th century in England. Its convenience is explained by the fact that riding a horse is really possible to go to places where it is very difficult to get there by car.

Today, there are units in many states. The most famous representatives are the riders of law and order and the red uniforms.


Equestrianism is so loved by people that it was added to the list of sports at the Olympic Games.


In the cinema, theater, circus, a lot of numbers with the participation of the animal were staged, because the horses are smart and well amenable to training. For this, the horse is pre-trained so that he can perform various tricks as accurately and safely as possible.


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