8 lunar day

On this day, the Moon does not stop its influence on the vital energy of plants, therefore 8 lunar days have a beneficial effect on the accumulation of forces by trees and other green spaces.

It is believed that this day is already approaching the boundary between the phases of the moon. For this reason, it is better not to plan serious events in the garden or vegetable garden. The day is favorable for work related to cleaning and removal from the site of all unnecessary and unnecessary. The energy between the phases of the moon is very unstable, therefore, without urgent need it is not recommended to transplant or plant any plants - this will lead to their poor growth, poor flowering and reduced yield of vegetable crops.

Under the influence of lunar attraction, the juices of the Earth continue to rise to the tops of plants, so they respond well to watering and wait for feeding. Useful substances from soil and water are sent to the stems for laying healthy seeds and fruits of plants. The day is suitable for various earthworks, in particular cultivating and adding organic fertilizers. Such events provide an excellent basis for the active growth of horticultural crops.

It is recommended to carry out work on pruning fruit trees and shrubs: such work will not be harmful and will be successful.

On the 8th day of the moon, it is better not to harvest any fruit - it will be very difficult to preserve it.


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