7 lunar day

7 lunar days are best suited for a variety of garden and garden work. On this day, in all green spaces, the accumulation of energy and power of the Earth continues. The life-giving energy enters the plant from the root system and moves to the top.

Therefore, the most favorable on this lunar day are the works that contribute to the strengthening of the roots, and, accordingly, the stems and tops of trees and other garden plants.

As practice shows, on this day, plants easily tolerate not only planting, but also transplantation from place to place. The introduction of various mineral and organic fertilizers into the soil on this day will also be very useful. In addition, it is necessary to water abundantly all growing plants.

The 7th day of the moon is positive for harvesting cuttings, collecting seeds and medicinal herbs, as well as for harvesting. However, it must be borne in mind that on this day it is necessary to collect only those fruits that are above the surface of the soil, in particular, berries and fruits, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce, etc.

On this day, it is favorable to loosen the plants, but it is better to avoid loosening in the root zone, since there is a high probability of damage to the root system.

What to do is not recommended:

  • clean foliage and tops;
  • cut branches and dive plants.


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