5 lunar day

On the 5th lunar day, the moon is in a growing phase. This leads to activation of growth and accumulation by plants, regardless of their type, of active nutrients. In this regard, almost any manipulations performed on garden plots are guaranteed to lead to successful results.

Recommended Actions

On this day are allowed:

  • soil preparation for planting;
  • sowing seeds, planting seedlings (with the exception of fruit bushes and trees);
  • rooting of trees and shrubs;
  • destruction of weeds;
  • soil cultivation.

Simultaneous watering and fertilizer are very useful in this period.

Vaccinations, pinching

Ideal moment for carrying out procedures:

  • cuttings;
  • pinching;
  • vaccinations;

Due to the intense energy activity, the plants are as saturated as possible. This significantly increases the effectiveness of the above actions.


On the 5th lunar day, the intensive movement of nutrient juices continues from the earth to the crowns of trees, the tops of shrubs. This leads to their increased activity, rapid growth. The result is a good yield of aboveground fruits. They ripen tasty and juicy.

Undesirable actions

At this time, the work on trimming the shoots and crowns is contraindicated. The specified action will lead to weakening of plants. Planting and replanting fruit trees and shrubs can lead to a negative result.


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