26 lunar day

The waning moon does not contribute to productive activities in the garden plot. All plants in this period seem to freeze, stopping in growth and almost not responding to external influences. On the 26 lunar day, it is best to engage in planning for further work, the acquisition of equipment, seeds and fertilizers.

Such gardening works as pruning and removing damaged and unnecessary branches and shoots, harvesting fallen leaves, and pest and disease control will be successful.

Gardeners can harvest carrots, beets, potatoes, remove excess shoots, dried tops and leaves. It is recommended to feed and spray plants, dig or loosen the soil. The day is suitable for cleaning the site: weeding weeds, thinning seedlings, harvesting unnecessary plantations.

The 26th lunar day is not suitable for watering seedlings and working with plant roots.

The day positively affects:

  • harvesting fallen leaves, weeding weeds and unnecessary plantings;
  • pruning of trees and shrubs, top dressing, spraying from pests;
  • improvement of soil quality: loosening, digging, fertilizing.

Negative influence of the day:

  • watering any landings on the site;
  • work with plant roots.


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