21 lunar days

21 days is considered universal: you can both harvest and crop, plant new shoots for adult plants, cultivate the soil and make useful fertilizing in the ground. All nutritious juices are concentrated in the roots of shrubs, trees and small shoots, so caution is required only with loosening, excavating new beds.

The application of fertilizers and mineral complexes to increase soil fertility will be especially effective (but remember that incorrectly selected fertilizer can destroy the entire crop or cause an invasion of pests). Organics will also show good results, because now the roots of the plant are particularly susceptible to substances that are quickly absorbed.

Now you can start harvesting the roots (the day will be especially productive if you grow ginger), picking fruits that grow in the soil, for example, radishes, turnips, beets, carrots, potatoes and the like. You can also engage in the collection of medicinal plants (both those that you grow yourself, and forest or wild), which on 21 lunar days are full of strength and energy.

Positive impact of the day

  • All manipulations to correct the aerial parts of the plant are allowed;
  • The period is perfect for root dressing of garden flora;
  • Harvesting root crops on 21 lunar days will increase their potential benefit;
  • It is a great time to procure medicinal plants and herbs.

Negative impact of the day

  • Watering on 21 lunar days will only harm the plant.


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