18 lunar day

During this period, the moon is in a waning phase. The vital activity of plants is declining: nutrients mostly accumulate in the roots. Therefore, gardening should be minimized.

It is best to devote this day to caring for plants that form root crops. For example, planted or harvested potatoes, onions, Jerusalem artichoke, radishes, carrots. During this period, many nutrients accumulate in the tubers.

Ripe seeds of crops that give root crops (radish, onion) now have a high percentage of germination.

It is possible to carry out surface loosening, careful removal of weeds, thinning. Feeding plants is not advisable. Irrigation work is also better to postpone for later (exception - drought).

Vegetable beds, flower beds and indoor plants should be left alone - now it is undesirable to disturb them.

But you can trim extra branches and shoots of trees, plant seedlings. Manipulations of grafting fruit crops, as well as pinching grape shoots, will go well.

A day is suitable for:

  • planting root crops;
  • collection of root crops and seeds of these crops;
  • planting of seedlings of trees, the formation of crowns, vaccinations and pinching.

A day is not suitable for:

  • active loosening and digging of beds;
  • fertilizer application;
  • irrigation works;
  • care for any herbaceous plants not related to root crops.


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