15 lunar day

The most active of all days - there is a glut of energy. All work in the garden will give the expected effect. However, grabbing a lot of things, planting and replanting is undesirable.

It is better to loosen the soil, to clear weeds, to dig, to sprinkle, to feed - all this will benefit the plants, improve their growth.

Harvesting horticultural crops is also not only a suitable activity for the day, but also desirable. Harvested today, the harvest will retain its taste and nutrients for a long time.

It is better to refuse work on trimming, thinning, and harvesting cuttings. This also applies to the use of sharp tools for loosening the soil.

Good properties of the 15 lunar days:

  • work on the ground is suitable - it is possible to spud, weed, loosen, which will help the plants to grow;
  • harvested fruits will be juicy and tasty for a long time;
  • conducted feeding will have a beneficial effect.

The negative side of the day:

  • work on removing parts of plants will not work - cut off, dig up trunks circles.


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