12 lunar day

They are the forerunner of the full moon. At this time, active actions in the garden or in the garden plot are not recommended. It is better to spend time on a leisurely job that does not need to rush.

A beneficial period for sowing and diving seedlings, rooting cuttings, transplanting seedlings. This day is suitable in order to improve the composition of the soil, add nutrients, remove weeds.

You can harvest, harvest seed for further planting in open ground or in a greenhouse.

It is not recommended to remove the ground parts of garden crops, shoots and treetops. It is allowed to vaccinate and clothespin existing shoots.

Positive aspects of the day:

  • carrying out planting, transplanting, rooting of cuttings, after such procedures, young seedlings quickly adapt to new conditions, their active growth and development begins;
  • soil is prepared, loosened, weeds are removed;
  • irrigation of the soil, the introduction of mineral and organic compounds;
  • inoculation and clothespin of young shoots are carried out;
  • harvesting;
  • salting and souring of collected fruits for the winter is carried out.

Negative influence:

  • it is not recommended to trim and remove the ground part of plants, the formation of the crown of trees.


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