10 lunar day

A day carries a powerful charge of activity and strength. This has a positive effect on the growth of shrubs and trees. It is believed that on this day the plants feed on the power of the earth, it penetrates from the root system to the apex, spreading through the stems and foliage. It is this time that is favorable for planting seedlings. You can also plant flowers and sow seeds.

It is very important to irrigate the soil abundantly during this period, since the plants absorb moisture intensely. You can also feed organic and mineral compounds.

10 lunar days are favorable in order to harvest, growing above the ground.

It is not recommended to prune plants at this time, because right now all their strength is at the top. Otherwise, the plantations will be weak, they will grow poorly, develop and bear fruit. They may even get sick after trimming.

The beneficial effect of 10 lunar days:

  • You can carry out almost all the work in the garden and vegetable garden, flower garden, in addition to pruning plants;
  • planting, replanting and rooting of seedlings;
  • Harvesting and seed material;
  • watered, fed, remove weeds.

Negative aspects of the day:

  • pruning of trees, flowers and shrubs is not carried out.


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