Description of the horses of the Kabardian breed

The horse has long been used by man for many needs. These animals acted as labor in agriculture or as a means of transportation on the ground. There are several varieties of horses, the differences between which depend on the scope of their use. Some types of horses are good for sports races, some are suitable for the agricultural industry or dressage

Sheep breeding at home

Sheep breeding is now becoming more popular. Owners of private houses from time to time think about acquiring livestock for natural food or an additional source of income. Sheep breeding at home Sheep are bred for meat and wool, as well as milk, which is well suited for making homemade cheeses. Of course, raising sheep at home requires certain skills and a supply of basic knowledge, but they are easy to acquire by familiarizing yourself with the basic nuances of caring for these animals

Mushrooms Mushrooms

Mlecnik mushrooms are divided into edible, food and conditionally food. They belong to the genus lamellar, the family of russula. Translated mushroom Miller means "giving milk." In Russia and the CIS countries there are more than 50 varieties. Mushrooms Mushrooms Characteristics Mushroom Description: the average size of the hat is 8 cm; the edges of the young specimen are tightly pressed to the leg, with time it disconnects and takes on a flat-concave and funnel-shaped shape; the edges are even, sometimes with a fuzzy wave; the color palette is diverse: from white to dark olive, almos

Tolyatti mushrooms

The wildlife of the Samara region never ceases to amaze with its beauty and wealth. In the forest thickets there are various types of berries, interesting and useful plants and mushrooms. The Volga region has long been famous for its forests. Tolyatti is located near Samara, in the north-west of the region

How to grow an orchid from seeds

When breeding indoor orchids, gardeners use different breeding methods. One of the most popular is the seed growing method. Orchid seeds ripen with successful pollination of the plant. For seeds to germinate in the soil, a sterile environment with the presence of mycelium will be required. How to grow an orchid from seeds Seed features Phalaenopsis orchid seeds are small

Cattleya Orchid Growing

Cattleya Orchid is the name of a subspecies of large-flowered orchids that attract attention with the vibrant color of delicate flowers. About 40 varieties of Cattleya are counted. The plant is capricious, so he needs to ensure proper care. Cattleya Orchid Growing Necessary growing conditions Growing a flower requires a lot of time and effort

Characterization of crested ducks

Among the variety of birds, crested ducks are considered one of the most spectacular. History says that they appeared as a result of crossing an overseas guest from China with European ducks. And 300 years since this breed adorns the lands of European and Russian farmers. Russian crested bird is more decorative than meat

How should chicken eggs incubate?

If you plan to establish a broiler bird breeding business, incubating chicken eggs is the only possible way to get the right amount of young animals every month. For the artificial conclusion of chickens, no brood hens are required. The main task of the farmer is to create the right microclimate in the incubator

Salad from cucumbers "Winter King" to correct so as not to coincide with the subzag

Many people like the Winter King cucumber salad for the simplicity of its preparation: cut the vegetables, then insist for a while (so that they put the juice in), after which they boil for a short time and immediately close. The salad does not need to be sterilized, which, of course, greatly simplifies the canning process, and the main set of ingredients for this preparation is the most affordable - cucumbers, onions and dill

Salad "Nezhinsky"

Salad "Nezhinsky" - one of the most popular types of home preservation of cucumbers for the winter. Such a salad is prepared with the addition of onions, parsley, chopped garlic and spices, so that it turns out to be very aromatic and tasty. You do not need much time to cook it, the salad is not boiled, sliced ​​fresh vegetables are laid out in jars immediately, after which they are sterilized. As