How to ride a horse

Today, in the conditions of the city, there are few places where you can meet a person who knows how to ride a horse, but once everyone knew how to do it. Communication with horses brings an unforgettable experience to all fans of these magnificent animals. How to ride a horse and how to properly train an animal

Characteristics of the breed Merino

Merino is a representative of sheep, which allows the farmer to get expensive fluff and wool. Such a sphere of human activity as sheep breeding is expanding every day, so the presence of such a breed is a prerequisite for the farmer. Consider what Merino sheep is, what makes this breed unique, how to breed and keep it in the household

Mushrooms in September 2019

The mushroom season begins in spring and ends in September or October. Mushrooms in September 2019 will grow actively, so we mushroom pickers hope. According to preliminary reports of weather forecasters, the weather this month is favorable for their growth. Mushrooms in September 2019 Types of mushrooms in September September in the middle lane and in the south of Russia is characterized by usually warm weather and heavy rainfall

Features of the mushroom red grate

Among the variety of forest gifts, there are unusual specimens, which include the red lattice mushroom. Features of the mushroom red grate Description The red grate is listed in the Red Book of Russia. Its Latin name is Clathrus ruber. It belongs to the class of agaricomycetes, the family of merry. The red grate is growing in the southern regions of the country

Growing a Tiger Orchid

Tiger orchid is a bright representative of the family of orchid genus odontoglossums. In natural climatic zones it grows in the mountain forests of Guatemala and Costa Rica. If you take care of the tiger exotic orchid properly, it is possible to grow it as an ornamental plant at home. Tiger orchid Botanical characteristic A tiger orchid, or large odontoglossum (a synonym for large rosioglossum), is the most famous variety of this genus

Use of succinic acid for orchids

Orchid cultivation is accompanied by a number of difficulties, so it is so important not to harm the plant. Succinic acid for orchids is a universal top dressing that helps to solve all problems. Use of succinic acid for orchids Indications for use of the drug The useful composition of this tool allows you to quickly and accurately regenerate the roots and leaves of the flower, as well as normalize its nutrition

Exotic Chinese Silk Chicken

Chinese silk chicken is a completely unusual breed, a native of Southeast Asia which can be seen in a photo or video. Her feathers are more likely to resemble the fluff of a rabbit than the usual bird plumage. The peel and meat of chickens and roosters are black. The breed belongs to the decorative which is worth admiring, although in recent times it has begun to be bred on an industrial scale

Features of Kirovograd pigeons

Breeding pigeons is an interesting and entertaining process. They can be kept on the balcony, but it is advisable to build a dovecote. Another important point is to determine the variety of pigeons for keeping. Calm breed, unique color and great popularity - all this is inherent in such a variety as Kirovograd pigeons

Salted cucumbers in a package

Salted cucumbers are both an appetizer for strong drinks, and an ideal addition to various popular dishes (meat, pilaf, boiled or fried potatoes, sandwiches). Traditionally, this vegetable is salted in a tray or jar. But if they are not there, or if you go to barbecue and do not want to take home a lot of dirty dishes, you can cook them in a bag - and this will be the best solution

Compote Fanta from apricots, oranges and lemons - an unusual treat

Without a doubt, every housewife, both on the festive table and in the daily diet in the autumn-winter period, must have her own home-made drink on the table. But what without him? After all, it is tasty and healthy - no aggressive preservatives, no dyes, no stabilizers and other muck, which can not be said about store juices