Characteristics of the Soviet chinchilla

One of the most attractive breeds of rabbits is the Soviet chinchilla. The name is quite natural. Valuable, thick, very beautiful fur is similar to chinchilla fluff. Thanks to this, the variety received such a name. Description of the Soviet Chinchilla Often, the breeding process is carried out to obtain beautiful fur and tasty meat

How to treat constipation in a calf

When raising cattle, problems sometimes arise with the digestion of animals. This is especially true for young animals. The fact is that the calf’s nutritional system is not yet as developed as that of adult individuals; hence, disorders can be observed. Many farmers are interested in the question of what to do if a calf has constipated.

What mushrooms are harvested in July

A separate niche in the realm of biology is occupied by mushrooms. They are tasty and healthy, they are used in medicines. They differ in the collection period. To collect them yourself in the mushroom season, it is important to understand how they are useful or harmful, which mushrooms grow in July and which should be looked for in August or autumn

Amanita mushroom description

One of the most poisonous representatives, the fly agaric mushroom, is distributed throughout the globe. Refers to hallucinogenic varieties. Fly agaric can be poisoned, symptoms appear 15 minutes after eating. Amanita mushroom description Description of appearance Amanita is a poisonous mushroom. It was named according to the old way of using flies in bullying

Causes of spots on the ficus

Ficuses are unpretentious plants that feel great at home. However, sometimes due to improper care or proximity to infected flowers, ficuses can become sick. There are several reasons why the ficus has spots on the leaves. Spots on ficus leaves Causes of Stains The appearance of brown spots on the ficus usually means that the flower is infected with something

Features of decorative garden wormwood

Wormwood has long been known to mankind for its bewitching aroma and intoxicating effect, which shepherds actively used. It is also used to make certain drinks - such as vermouth or absinthe. However, at the moment, decorative wormwood has gained wide popularity, which not only smells nice, but also has an unusual appearance

DIY chicken cages

Now, more and more often, chicken is being transferred to cellular content using home-made chicken cells. This can be explained by many reasons: too many livestock of young and adult individuals, too small an area of ​​the house or parallel keeping of chickens along with other birds or even livestock. Of

Characteristics of Turman Pigeons

Among the birds that are popular with modern breeders, one of the most prominent places is occupied by Turman pigeons - birds, primarily known for their impressive flying characteristics. Able to perform incredibly complex aerial stunts, these acrobat birds are deservedly appreciated both in Russia and far beyond its borders

Amber pear jam - a delicious sweet for the winter

This jam is boiled for a long time, 2-3 days. But at the same time, you need to stand at the stove a little: at first - only when cutting pears, then - only 5-10 minutes. Therefore, this recipe can be safely called jam for the busy. And at the same time the final product turns out to be successful envy: the most tender slices (or slices, as you like to cut) pears in a thick, viscous, similar to amber honey syrup

Salad "Nezhinsky"

Salad "Nezhinsky" - one of the most popular types of home preservation of cucumbers for the winter. Such a salad is prepared with the addition of onions, parsley, chopped garlic and spices, so that it turns out to be very aromatic and tasty. You do not need much time to cook it, the salad is not boiled, sliced ​​fresh vegetables are laid out in jars immediately, after which they are sterilized. As