How many teeth does a rabbit have, what diseases affect them

Rodent breeding will take place without complications if you know how rabbit teeth grow and what diseases torment a furry animal. How many teeth does a rabbit have, how does it clean them? The structure of the jaw of a rodent and dental disease determine the health of the animal. Dental problems can lead to the death of fluffy

Rabbit Farm Guidelines

A rabbit farm is a very convenient thing when keeping eared pets. Breeding them outside the rabbitry leads to the fact that animals are more often sick, gain weight less and die more often. Another problem is the constant fights between tribal males, who strive to engage in sorting out relationships

What mushrooms grow in the Altai Territory

Altai Territory is famous for its vast forests. They occupy about 10 million hectares. And where is the forest - there are mushrooms. In Altai there are many mushroom places with rich harvests. In favorable years, mushroom pickers gain from 5 to 12 buckets in one day. According to biologists, Altai Krai mushrooms are represented by 200 species of edible and 6 species of poisonous and inedible

Fat pig

Pigs are a small subgroup of Mushrooms in which there are edible and poisonous representatives. They live in new deciduous or coniferous forests. Fat pig is one of the poisonous representatives of the family, which is also called felt, pig, or barn. Fat pig Description of the appearance of the mushroom Thick pig is a mushroom with a large hat of brown or dark red color, whose diameter is 12-20 cm

Black Zamioculcas - a beautiful dollar tree

Black Zamioculcas, or Raven, is a variety of “dollar tree” grown in Dutch nurseries just a couple of years ago. During the period of active growth, he is no different from his brothers with green leaves. But with age, leaf blades and stems become black, hence the name "raven", which means "raven". Bl

What flowers look like an orchid

Orchids are people's favorite indoor plants. But not every person has the opportunity to provide these flowers with proper care. There are less whimsical flowers, similar to orchids. What flowers look like an orchid Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between different types of flowers, some of which resemble an orchid

How to build a warm chicken coop for the winter: a simple instruction

The dream of any poultry breeder so that hens rush year-round. A warm winter coop is able to stimulate birds to year-round egg-laying. Consider how to build a good utility room with your own hands. How to build a warm chicken coop for the winter Options for warm chicken coops There are several budget options for constructing winter warmed chicken coops

How should chicken eggs incubate?

If you plan to establish a broiler bird breeding business, incubating chicken eggs is the only possible way to get the right amount of young animals every month. For the artificial conclusion of chickens, no brood hens are required. The main task of the farmer is to create the right microclimate in the incubator

Cucumbers under a nylon cover - sour and juicy

Summer is a time not only for sun and relaxation, but also for winter sunsets. Each housewife tries to prepare as many products as possible in order to delight loved ones with delicious treats. Today we share the recipe for making cucumbers under a nylon cover. Such a dish can be served to the table three days after preparation - then they will be crispy and lightly salted

Compote Fanta from apricots, oranges and lemons - an unusual treat

Without a doubt, every housewife, both on the festive table and in the daily diet in the autumn-winter period, must have her own home-made drink on the table. But what without him? After all, it is tasty and healthy - no aggressive preservatives, no dyes, no stabilizers and other muck, which can not be said about store juices