Miniature cameroon goats

Cameroon goats are increasingly gaining popularity in private agriculture and are raised as livestock on farms and even in apartments. Keep Cameroonian goats in a limited space allow their small size. Cameroon goats About Cameroon breed Dwarf Cameroonian goats initially became livestock in the Middle East and, thanks to whalers, began to spread through movement on whalers

How to Build a Rabbit Barn

Rabbit breeding is a rather popular branch of agriculture in our country. This is explained by the high value of dietary meat and rabbit furs in the market. And the content of these cute mammals is not such a troublesome thing. Rabbit barn As you know, rabbits are productive creatures. The farmer is required to provide them with conditions suitable for reproduction

Description of the fungus cobweb

One of the most common types of fungi in the temperate zone is the cobweb fungus. It belongs to the conditionally edible class. It is dangerous because there are toxic species. Description of the fungus cobweb Appearance The name Mushroom got because of a white skirt, which falls like a spider web on a leg

Edible mushrooms of the Stavropol Territory

Mushrooms do not belong to either the plant or animal world, these are special forest organisms that were isolated by scientists in the kingdom of Mushrooms. Scientists still have not been able to study all of their diversity. Russia is rich in places in which stable mushroom crops are observed annually

What to do with the loss of foliage turgor in an orchid

Orchids are known not only for their beauty, but also for their moodiness. If the leaves of the orchid have lost turgor and wrinkle, you will have to find the main reason for this phenomenon and timely resuscitate the plant. Lack of foliage is a sign of slow death of a flower. What to do with the loss of foliage turgor in an orchid What is turgor foliage Turgor is the health of an orchid leaf plate, its normal and natural appearance

Autumn Dahlia Care Rules

Dahlia care in the fall includes all the necessary activities to keep them healthy until spring. A feature of preparing for winter is the obligatory digging of bulbs and laying them for storage, because this flower crop, although perennial, but perishes in the ground in winter from low temperatures. Autumn Dahlia Care Rules Necessary Activities First of all, in the fall, care is necessary for the site where dahlias are grown

Indoor breed, features of their breeding and content

One of the most popular types of ducks among poultry houses are Indochka. In their own farms, meat and meat-poultry birds are of particular value. The name of the breed is associated with the people who raised these birds. The Indians were the first to breed them, hence the prefix Indo. A similar name was given to an Indian chicken - turkey

What is the most common Indoor disease?

Indoor women are a fairly popular species of poultry found in many private farmsteads. The secret of the growing popularity of this breed lies in good health, unpretentiousness, as well as in rapid weight gain. At the same time, even a strong immune system is not able to provide complete protection against ailments, so for many the question of why indolescents are ill is extremely important

Mother-in-law's tongue

"Mother-in-law's tongue" is a traditional spicy snack loved by many housewives. The variety of cooking options for such a twist for the winter is really impressive, because you can cook it from almost any vegetable - for example, eggplant, zucchini or even cucumbers. At first glance, it might seem that the recipes for this spicy appetizer are almost identical, although in fact each of them is somewhat different, and the taste of the twist is different

Hot salted cucumbers - fast, easy and tasty

One of the quick and easy options for pickling in the summer is to cook salted cucumbers in a hot way. Thanks to him, the cucumbers turn out to be crispy and very fragrant, they are ready the very next day. You can add vegetables in any container convenient for you - a jar (1 or 3 l) or a pan, with the addition of your favorite spices, herbs, garlic or hot pepper