Diagnosis and treatment of pig pasteurellosis

Paste pasteurellosis has another, more accurate, medical name - it is hemorrhagic septicemia. Such an ailment in the animal’s body is caused by gram-negative bacillus Pasteurella spp. This is a difficult disease that is transmitted by contact, even to people. Pasteurellosis of pigs Where does the wand come from and what is it Louis Pasteur conducted his experiments when, unexpectedly, he discovered a new, completely unfamiliar dangerous virus, or rather, a bacterium.

Unique signs of German motley giant rabbits

The rabbit of the lineater, otherwise called the German butterfly or the German motley giant, is a fairly common species of large-eared animals. Farmer breeding is of vital interest throughout the world. Why are these eared horns so good besides diet meat? Why are they chosen by breeders from all over the vast planet

Honey agarics

Harvesting mushrooms for the winter involves not only pickling, but also freezing. Freezing fresh mushrooms has a large number of advantages. Collected fruiting bodies do not lose their taste and useful properties even after prolonged storage at a temperature of -18 ° C. Honey agarics Preparation of mushrooms before freezing Honey mushrooms are one of the best types of mushrooms for storage in the freezer.

What mushrooms grow in the Vsevolozhsk region

Due to its cool, humid climate and a large number of forests, the Leningrad Region is one of the best places for “quiet hunting”. Mushrooms of the Vsevolozhsk region delight mushroom pickers with their abundance. Mushrooms of Vsevolozhsk district What mushrooms grow In these places the following representatives of the mushroom kingdom grow: chanterelles; russula; red mushrooms; oily; boletus; black breasts; boletus; pine forest; honey mushrooms; oyster mushrooms; goats; porcini mushrooms (few). Bu

What to do if the orchid has rotted roots

Orchid is a delicate plant, it requires competent care. If the roots of the orchid rot, the flower has to be revived in stages. Orchid roots rotted Causes The problem of root decay occurs in the winter, when the flower is in a poorly lit place. In a transparent container, it is possible to track how the roots change color, darken, and then rot

Description of Orchid Legato Butterfly

Legato Orchid (or Legato Butterfly) belongs to the Orchid family. The variety originates from the countries of the Malay archipelago; in natural conditions it is also found in the mountain forests of the Philippines and on the humid plains of Australia. Description of Orchid Legato Butterfly Grade description Phalaenopsis Legato has large flowers (6-7 cm) with pearly pink, yellow, lilac and gold hues

Czech hens dominant

Hens Dominant is a highly productive breed of laying hens, whose homeland is the Czech Republic. By the number of eggs, it surpasses such popular breeds as Leggorn, Sussex, Cornish, Loman Brown. However, some of them participated in its breeding. Breeders managed to achieve not only high productivity

How a chicken carries an egg

Breeding poultry requires the farmer maximum knowledge about the features of the species. How does a chicken lay eggs? We will analyze in detail the physiological subtleties of the process, which will help increase the productivity of pets and can see it all on the video. How a chicken lays eggs Formation Features Unlike wild domestic hens rush not only when it is necessary to breed

Salad from cucumbers "Winter King" to correct so as not to coincide with the subzag

Many people like the Winter King cucumber salad for the simplicity of its preparation: cut the vegetables, then insist for a while (so that they put the juice in), after which they boil for a short time and immediately close. The salad does not need to be sterilized, which, of course, greatly simplifies the canning process, and the main set of ingredients for this preparation is the most affordable - cucumbers, onions and dill

Kuban salad for the winter - vegetable overeating

I can confidently and without exaggeration say that Kuban salad is the most delicious. Such a variety and bright colors in one bank, perhaps, you will not find anywhere else. Cooking this wonderful dish is not at all difficult. It all comes down to the elementary chopping of vegetables. Next, add spices and seasonings, mix, insist, boil and lay out in jars