When you need to vaccinate ferrets

Any pet must have timely vaccination. Ferrets are no exception. In addition, each owner should know when to vaccinate ferrets and what diseases. Inoculations to decorative ferrets In this case, it is very important to follow ferret vaccination schedules, since timely vaccinations will help protect ferrets from serious diseases

Methods for treating warts on the udder of a cash cow

Cows often have warts, also known as papillomas. Appearing on the nipples, they can significantly complicate milking, or even turn this process into an impossible action, so many people are wondering how to treat warts on a cow's udder. First, you need to form a clear concept of what exactly these formations are, and only after that you can proceed with therapeutic measures

The use of dung mushroom in the treatment of alcoholism

The dung bean mushroom from alcoholism is the best folk remedy known since ancient times to our ancestors in the fight against this disease. On its basis, infusions are made. In pharmacology, ready-made biologically active drugs for the treatment of the disease have been developed. The use of dung mushroom in the treatment of alcoholism The benefits of dung beetle This species is referred to as conditionally edible lamellar mushrooms

What mushrooms are harvested in July

A separate niche in the realm of biology is occupied by mushrooms. They are tasty and healthy, they are used in medicines. They differ in the collection period. To collect them yourself in the mushroom season, it is important to understand how they are useful or harmful, which mushrooms grow in July and which should be looked for in August or autumn

Cumbria Orchid Growing

Cumbria Hybrid Orchid is a flower from the Orchid family. The bred hybrid is suitable for growing at home. This is an easy-to-care crop that needs to be watered and transplanted in a timely manner. Cumbria Orchid Growing Grade description Cumbria orchid is a simple flower. The shape of the bud is oblong, and the total length is not less than 8 cm

Bokarneya bent - domesticated culture

Bokarneya is a genus of tropical perennials of the Nolinov subfamily. In the wild, it grows only in the southern regions of Mexico and America. Certain species are domesticated and cultivated as ornamental indoor plants - one of them is bent turnaria. Bokarneya bent - domesticated culture Botanical characteristic Bokarneya, or Nolina, under natural conditions of growth reaches a height of up to 10 m with a trunk diameter of about 1 m

Characteristics of Estonian quail

Estonian quail along with the Japanese breed take first place in popularity among our compatriots. The breed belongs to the egg-meat orientation. The vast majority of farmers breed quail to obtain high-quality home eggs, which can also earn extra money. Estonian quail About the breed Our compatriots appreciated Estonian quail for their delicious tender meat and increased egg productivity

How to cook a pigeon

How to cook a pigeon, every hunter knows. The meat of pigeons has an excellent taste and has a lot of useful qualities. Food lovers believe it tastes better than good chicken. That's just to be able to feast and appreciate the meat of a pigeon, you need to learn how to cook it correctly. Since ancient times, in various cultures there are a lot of descriptions of pigeon dishes that have come down to our times

Cucumbers under a nylon cover - sour and juicy

Summer is a time not only for sun and relaxation, but also for winter sunsets. Each housewife tries to prepare as many products as possible in order to delight loved ones with delicious treats. Today we share the recipe for making cucumbers under a nylon cover. Such a dish can be served to the table three days after preparation - then they will be crispy and lightly salted

Caviar from green tomatoes - flies first in winter

If you use unripe tomatoes for harvesting for the winter, you get a very interesting dish. Caviar from green tomatoes will surprise you with a piquant taste and bright appearance - it can be a delicious snack, as well as a salad or meat sauce. The combination of vegetables, spices and vegetable oil is not only surprisingly tasty, but also healthy