Dwarf rabbit and its varieties

A dwarf rabbit is a cute decorative animal that has appeared in our country relatively recently. Over the past decade, he managed to gain great popularity, as evidenced by numerous photos on the network. Small animals are bought for beauty, as living toys for children. They differ from ordinary rabbits in size

Altai Mountain Ram

Sheep are animals known for their stubborn nature and unwavering spirit to go forward. The most famous representative of this type of animal is the Altai mountain sheep. Characteristic of Altai Mountain Ram This breed is the largest of all possible subspecies of the Arkhar ram. Today it is considered to have almost disappeared in its pure form, and hybrids of the Altai breed with domestic sheep are valuable specimens

Types of mushrooms and their characteristics

Mushrooms are a separate kingdom, which has a huge variety of species included in it. People use only a small number in cooking. Some varieties are used in medicine. To recognize valuable specimens, you need to know what types of mushrooms exist, how they look. Types of mushrooms and their characteristics Mushroom classification The classification was based on the criterion of edibility

Mushroom boletus

The mushroom Borovik is a whole genus that is part of the Boletovy family, the Agaricomycetes class, and the Basidiomycetes department. It has about 300 species, most of which are edible. Distributed throughout the Northern Hemisphere, except for the tundra, steppes and deserts. It is considered one of the most valuable edible mushrooms

Features of growing ghost orchids

In the modern world, there are hybrid types of flowers that grow without problems at home. Orchid ghost - one of these hybrids. Features of growing ghost orchids Grade description Phantom orchid is a perennial epiphytic species of the plant, growing without leaves, which is a feature of the flower. Orchids of this species are rare, therefore, they are not widespread among flower growers

Soil selection for Phalaenopsis orchid

The soil for the Phalaenopsis orchid plays a major role in its development. This applies to those representatives who grow at home. It is necessary to provide the plant with land in which the root system does not die. Soil selection for Phalaenopsis orchid Soil preparation To prepare the substrate at home, you should study all the parameters of the culture

The uniqueness of the Russian crested breed of chickens

The rather hardy and highly immune Russian Crested breed of chickens is one of the domestic agricultural pets most often bred on private farms. They are white and colorful. Russian crested breed of chickens About Russian with a crest The Russian Crested breed of chickens is rooted in the Russian hinterland and has a centuries-old history

How many goose sits on eggs and why doesn’t it?

Mankind has domesticated geese 3-4 millennia ago and since then birds have proven their worth many times. Once they saved Rome by waking the asleep guards when the Gauls were about to secretly get inside. Nowadays, geese are usually bred for eggs, meat and feathers. The business turns out to be very successful, but only on condition that the breeders are aware of all the nuances, and breeding geese is different from growing chickens and ducks

Eggplant Bakat Salad - A Popular Delicacy

Eggplant winter preparations are some of the most beloved. A special place is occupied by the Bakat salad, which does not require sterilization, due to which the vegetables are juicy, and the dish itself is low-fat and spicy. It should be noted that you can control the severity at your discretion - if you wish, either add ground hot pepper (or replace it with fresh hot pepper), or, on the contrary, completely eliminate it

Cucumbers under a nylon cover - sour and juicy

Summer is a time not only for sun and relaxation, but also for winter sunsets. Each housewife tries to prepare as many products as possible in order to delight loved ones with delicious treats. Today we share the recipe for making cucumbers under a nylon cover. Such a dish can be served to the table three days after preparation - then they will be crispy and lightly salted