Features of a hornless cow

It’s hard to meet at least one farm without cows or calves. Firstly, these are excellent suppliers of delicious dairy products, and secondly, sources of nutritious and expensive meat. A hornless cow is an animal that is not often found on a farm, but it is exceptional and special among cattle. Hornless cow A hornless cow is a hornless cattle representative.

Symptoms of helminthic invasion in pigs and treatment methods for infection

Pigs have been kept as farm animals since ancient times. Due to the high calorie content of meat and sebaceous layer, they are often bred both by large enterprises and private livestock breeders. Like most domestic animals, artiodactyls are susceptible to various parasite infections. Worms in pigs Among harmful organisms, roundworms are in the first place

Honey agarics

Harvesting mushrooms for the winter involves not only pickling, but also freezing. Freezing fresh mushrooms has a large number of advantages. Collected fruiting bodies do not lose their taste and useful properties even after prolonged storage at a temperature of -18 ° C. Honey agarics Preparation of mushrooms before freezing Honey mushrooms are one of the best types of mushrooms for storage in the freezer.

Description of higher and lower mushrooms

The modern scientific classification of wildlife isolates all existing mushrooms into an independent kingdom and divides them into higher and lower mushrooms. Consider the main differences and what is the influence of both on the living and plant world? Description of higher and lower mushrooms Lower mushrooms Lower fungi are organisms in which the vegetative body is formed by a non-cellular (without septum) mycelium

Indoor ficus and its features

Ficus is a tropical plant from the mulberry family. Where did it come from? In the wild, it is found in the Solomon Islands, southeast of the Asian continent, in New Guinea. The birthplace of some ficus is Africa. At home, the flower has been grown for many decades. Plant care has its own rules and features, but there are no particular difficulties

The flowering period of orchids at home

Phalaenopsis conquered the hearts of many gardeners, it is a flower of unique beauty, with proper care it blooms extensively and for a long time. The flowering time of orchids is about 2 months, can be repeated 2-3 times a year. The flowering period of orchids at home Flowering at home Orchid blooms require special containment conditions

Features of the La Flèche breed

The La Flèche breed of chickens has been known since the 15th century. Translation of the name of the bird from French means "arrow". The productivity of these decorative chickens is mainly egg, but the meat also has excellent taste. Birds are distinguished by excellent health, as well as a quick temper.

Features of Kirovograd pigeons

Breeding pigeons is an interesting and entertaining process. They can be kept on the balcony, but it is advisable to build a dovecote. Another important point is to determine the variety of pigeons for keeping. Calm breed, unique color and great popularity - all this is inherent in such a variety as Kirovograd pigeons

Stewed apricots and plums - for the joy of the whole family

What only compotes for the winter do not cook modern housewives. Today it’s the turn to tell how to make apricot compote and plums for the winter: a step-by-step recipe will be a good helper for you. Bright color, rich taste, unforgettable aroma of the drink will not leave anyone indifferent, especially in the winter season.

Winter cucumber salad

Probably there is no such house where they would not prepare a salad of cucumbers with onions for the winter. There are a lot of options for preparing such a workpiece. Let's just say: how many housewives, how many recipes exist. And each method, without a doubt, has its own special, original taste