Varieties of litter for pigs

Growing pigs is one of the most cost-effective businesses. Successful breeding of animals is based on providing the most comfortable living conditions for piglets and adults. It is recommended to use natural litter for pigs in the pigsty. This option is considered the least expensive. Litter for pigs Technological side Content when using bedding for pigs is similar to the principle of the dry closet

Features of the device for the floor for pigs

One of the most important moments in the construction of the barn is a properly equipped floor for pigs. There are many methods for making a floor in a pigsty yourself, but for each of them it is extremely important to choose the right materials and perform work to all standards. In order for the economy to generate income, it is very important to provide pigs with comfortable living conditions, and for this you need a warm, well-conditioned room

Chanterelle tincture treatment

Chanterelles - a popular type of mushroom, which is different in red color and has a hat that looks like an inverted umbrella. They have a pleasant taste and are of great benefit to the body. Of these mushrooms, drugs are often prepared, especially the tincture of chanterelles is known. Chanterelle tincture treatment The benefits of chanterelles Chanterelles are dried, pickled and salted

How the fungus grows

A tall leg, a strange little body, an abundance of flies around and an unpleasant aroma ... Who would have thought that this nondescript mushroom with such a strange name - “fun”, “shameful”, “damn egg” or “lady under the sheet”, has a huge list of useful properties. We will figure out where the fungus grows, what are its advantages over other medicinal mushrooms and when is the best time to start picking. How the fungus

Growing Phalaenopsis Lewis Sakura

Phalaenopsis Lewis Sakura is considered one of the most popular flowers. He personifies femininity. The plant does not require special care and adapts to negative environmental factors. The endurance of the flower allows you to grow it in any conditions. Growing Phalaenopsis Lewis Sakura Grade Features The variety was bred in Central Asia

Features of Ficus Melanie

Rubber ficus Melanie is one of the permanent residents of apartments and houses. The plant is characterized by undemanding and unpretentious care, as well as a high number of useful and medicinal properties. Ficus rubbery Melanie is popular due to its compactness and miniature, which is why it is very often located in offices and at various enterprises

How to assemble an incubator for quail yourself

When breeding poultry, the most important thing is to breed young animals. And quails in this regard are very difficult to handle. Many quail, in particular, egg breeds, are not good enough hens and often throw masonry. And under other birds it is not necessary to lay their eggs, since their shells are not strong, so a separate incubator for quail remains the best solution

How to feed a pigeon chick at home

A chick, like a human child, needs maternal care. But there are situations in which he is torn from her wing, for example, if he fell out of the nest. A person may well go out on his own a fallen bird picked up on the street, and when the time comes, release him into the wild. Be sure to read the recommendations of professionals on how to properly grow chicks and what should not be done

Salad "Nezhinsky"

Salad "Nezhinsky" - one of the most popular types of home preservation of cucumbers for the winter. Such a salad is prepared with the addition of onions, parsley, chopped garlic and spices, so that it turns out to be very aromatic and tasty. You do not need much time to cook it, the salad is not boiled, sliced ​​fresh vegetables are laid out in jars immediately, after which they are sterilized. As

Don salad for the winter - truly the best snack

From fresh tomatoes, fragrant onions and sweet bell peppers, you can make a wonderful vegetable salad, which the people called Don. Be sure to prepare a few jars of this juicy and fragrant dish during the season - in the winter this preparation will become a real find. Classic recipe Ingredients Tomatoes - 1 kg Bulgarian sweet pepper - 400 g Onions - 300 g Parsley - 0