Rabbit breeding business plan

Recently, the maintenance of small private farms with the aim of generating additional or basic income has become increasingly popular. Before developing in this direction, you should think about the choice of the livestock industry and get acquainted with information about the direction of interest

Rabbit cell disinfection methods

The disinfection of cells for rabbits in rabbitry helps to avoid the emergence and spread of bacteria and viruses that cause the death of animals on rabbit farms. How to disinfect rabbit cells About the need for disinfection Most viral microorganisms are stable in activity and are able to survive under various conditions, whether at elevated or low temperatures

The chemical composition of mushrooms

The use of mushrooms in cooking is justified not only by the excellent taste of this product, but also by its rich chemical composition. Fruit bodies contain many nutrients that are necessary for humans, and vegetarians replace them with meat. The composition of the mushrooms varies slightly depending on the species

Description of Spruce mushrooms

In autumn, attention is focused on small edible mushrooms on thin legs growing in large families on old stumps, trunks of fallen trees. Spruce honey agaric is loved by many forest tourists. Description of Spruce mushrooms Description of mushrooms Spruce mushrooms are found in pine, spruce and deciduous forests

Useful properties of wormwood

The amazing properties of wormwood are known to people from ancient times. Even Hippocrates and Avicenna knew what properties she possessed, used her in medical practice. It is relevant in our time: the plant has many useful properties, but also has contraindications. Useful properties of wormwood Characteristic and composition Wormwood is a plant Asteraceae

Growing a Phalaenopsis Parrot

Phalaenopsis Parrot is considered an ambiguous plant. It has so many names that it’s easy to get confused. This does not prevent him from enjoying popularity and decorating at home. Phalaenopsis Parrot Plant characteristics The height of a mature plant is 60 cm. Before flowering, 3-4 pairs of green leaves are formed on the bushes.

Reasons why goslings pinch each other's feathers

At some point, people who decide to connect life with poultry farming are faced with the question of why goslings pluck feathers from each other. They, like many other chicks, look like harmless lumps of fluff, but in fact they can be aggressive towards their brothers. Why goslings pluck feathers from each other At first this may seem rather strange, but in reality such behavior has a number of prerequisites that must be fought so as not to lose part of the brood

At what age do guinea fowls begin to rush and how can the egg production period be accelerated

When guinea fowls begin to lay eggs and in what quantities, it completely depends on the conditions of keeping and feeding birds, so you need to know how to ensure proper guinea fowl care. You can build a good business on breeding guinea fowl. When guinea fowls begin to lay eggs Guinea fowl, or, as they are also called, royal chickens, are the closest relatives of domestic chicken

Cucumber and eggplant salad for the winter

Among the preparations for the winter, eggplants are traditionally cooked with savory snacks, with the addition of bitter pepper and garlic, which are spicy and pungent. But what about those who do not like such conservation or who are contraindicated in spicy dishes? Try to make a salad of cucumbers and eggplant according to the proposed step-by-step recipe with photos

Caviar from green tomatoes - flies first in winter

If you use unripe tomatoes for harvesting for the winter, you get a very interesting dish. Caviar from green tomatoes will surprise you with a piquant taste and bright appearance - it can be a delicious snack, as well as a salad or meat sauce. The combination of vegetables, spices and vegetable oil is not only surprisingly tasty, but also healthy