Features of the Montbeliard breed of cows

In the XVIII century, the ancestors of Montbeliard heifers were brought to France from Switzerland. The Montbeliard breed of cows has been carefully selected for a century. Selection specialists aimed at producing special heifers that will produce milk suitable for the preparation of local varieties of cheese

Characteristics of pigs breed Large White

At the moment, the Large White breed of pigs is in demand around the globe. This species is quite common because of its excellent adaptability to harsh living conditions, both climatic and fodder. Description of the pig breed Large White In the 19th century a particularly large and hardy breed of pigs was bred on Foggy Albion, and by the end of the century there was a threat of degeneration of Yorkshire pigs

Varieties of honey mushrooms and their beneficial properties

Edible mushrooms are one of the most common in the region. They have a rich mushroom aroma and are equally suitable for both canning and cooking hot dishes. But there are inedible doubles in the forest that are dangerous to human life. Varieties of honey mushrooms and their beneficial properties Characterization and habitat Edible mushrooms are different from other varieties

Conditionally edible mushroom

Mushroom smoothies - a representative of agaric mushrooms of the genus lactiferus, belonging to the family Syryozhkovye. It is conditionally edible. Conditionally edible mushroom Botanical characteristic The cap grows on the smoothing mushroom with a diameter of up to 8-15 cm. The structure is thick-fleshy

How to propagate ficus correctly

Today, almost every apartment has such a plant as ficus. The first question that confronts the person who has just acquired it is how to plant ficus? Home care is not difficult, so even a beginner in floriculture can cope with reproduction. So, it's time to talk step by step about how to plant ficus at home, so as not to harm him

Application of wormwood oil

Wormwood is popularly called a natural doctor. All its varieties have individual healing and cosmetic properties. Wormwood oil, which is a biologically active liquid with a large amount of nutrients in the composition, is very popular. Application of wormwood oil Types of Wormwood Oil In total there are more than 150 varieties of wormwood

Duck indian runner

Duck Indian runner is a bird, with one glance at the photo of which the mood can rise. An unusual appearance, combined with the bright prospects of breeding an Indian runner, make duck a welcome pet in any compound. Duck Indian Runner Interesting about the breed When the breed was just beginning to disperse around the world, its exotic appearance and the small number of livestock contributed to the fact that its representatives were treated as rare birds, and therefore kept them in a zoo

Maran breed hens

The Maran chicken breed in Russia is still completely unknown, but quite popular in Europe. Maran chickens are one of the most eccentric and prized species of chickens. With enviable speed, gaining weight, laying eggs of a golden chocolate color, possessing a bright plumage that catches the eye, they are valued as one of the most prolific laying hens

Salted cucumbers in a package

Salted cucumbers are both an appetizer for strong drinks, and an ideal addition to various popular dishes (meat, pilaf, boiled or fried potatoes, sandwiches). Traditionally, this vegetable is salted in a tray or jar. But if they are not there, or if you go to barbecue and do not want to take home a lot of dirty dishes, you can cook them in a bag - and this will be the best solution

Winter cucumber salad

Probably there is no such house where they would not prepare a salad of cucumbers with onions for the winter. There are a lot of options for preparing such a workpiece. Let's just say: how many housewives, how many recipes exist. And each method, without a doubt, has its own special, original taste