The case of pigs and the rules for its conduct

The case of pigs is a responsible process. Before you start breeding this species of animals, you need to learn more about their physiology, signs of hunting, mating rules. If successful, one sow can lead 15-20 piglets. Such fertility makes the process of breeding and growing pigs especially profitable

Cow Breed Limousine

The Limousine breed of cows created in the center of the western French region is now known in 72 countries, due to a number of advantages it has. Limousine breed of cows About the limousine breed The Limousine breed of cows appeared in a harsh climate in the west of France, which is known for its developed animal husbandry, therefore, for representatives of bulls and cows, limousines are not afraid of blizzards or frosts to -20-35 ° C.

Description of sulfur yellow fungus tinder fungus

Tinder fungi are attached with a leg or fruit body to dead trees or stumps. Most species of these mushrooms are not eaten, but there are edible ones among them. Sulfur yellow tinder also has healing properties. Description of sulfur yellow fungus tinder fungus Description and types These mushrooms significantly overtake in size their counterparts in appearance

Mushrooms at landfills

Not all places are suitable for collecting a full and accordingly useful forest harvest. Edible mushrooms at landfills can be dangerous to human life and health. Mushrooms at landfills Collection rules Any person who goes to the forest for mushrooms or berries must know and follow some rules and have certain things with them: stock of water and sandwiches; matches; sharp knife; compass; basket; remedies for mosquito bites

Growing Dendrobium Phalaenopsis

Dendrobium Phalaenopsis is one of the varieties of orchids. The plant is often grown for sale and for room decor. During cultivation, sometimes there are difficulties associated with long flowering and development, so it is so important to know how to care for the Dendrobium Phalaenopsis orchid at home

We shelter roses for the winter in Siberia - features of the procedure

Roses are moody perennials, so not all gardeners manage to grow a beautiful and lushly blooming rose garden. With good care and attention, you can get large buds even in a harsh climatic zone. Consider how to cover roses for the winter in Siberia so that they do not freeze and delight with beauty for the next year

Features of the cultivation and breeding of the Kuchinsky anniversary breed of chickens

Farmers around the world are interested in indicators such as high egg production, adaptation and meat productivity in poultry. Unique in this respect is the Kuchinsky Jubilee breed of chickens whose representatives are excellent in racing and have excellent reviews. What is special about these birds

What is the most common Indoor disease?

Indoor women are a fairly popular species of poultry found in many private farmsteads. The secret of the growing popularity of this breed lies in good health, unpretentiousness, as well as in rapid weight gain. At the same time, even a strong immune system is not able to provide complete protection against ailments, so for many the question of why indolescents are ill is extremely important

Stewed apricots and currants - cooking secrets

On a gloomy winter day, stewed apricots and currants will be a vivid reminder of summer vacations. Red and black currants are recognizable in any dish - it will give a pleasant sourness to the treats that the whole family can enjoy. Consider how to make a delicious drink with an exquisite aroma. Stewed apricots and red currants Ingredients Apricots - 200 g Redcurrant - 150 g Water - 3 cups (200 ml) Sugar - 150 g Cooking We choose dense apricots for harvesting so that they do not boil during the cooking process

Mother-in-law's tongue

"Mother-in-law's tongue" is a traditional spicy snack loved by many housewives. The variety of cooking options for such a twist for the winter is really impressive, because you can cook it from almost any vegetable - for example, eggplant, zucchini or even cucumbers. At first glance, it might seem that the recipes for this spicy appetizer are almost identical, although in fact each of them is somewhat different, and the taste of the twist is different