What to do if the goat does not leave the last for a long time

The situation when the goat does not leave the last is not such a rare occurrence. Usually he leaves the female within three hours, but after another twenty days the body can be cleaned. It is characterized by circulatory discharge. Problems with the aftermath However, if the retention of the placenta in goats lasts more than six hours, then this is already a violation of the birth process

Is it possible to introduce bread into the diet of rabbits

Can rabbits be fed bread? You need to understand that if you have decorative rabbits, then bread is unlikely to benefit them, but if you fatten rabbits for another purpose, then this product can be given without a twinge of conscience. However, what benefit can bread products give, how to feed ordinary and decorative rabbit bread

Description of the bile fungus

False white fungus, bile fungus or mustard, as it was called for a specific taste, is similar to edible white. They can only be distinguished by taste. It is necessary to know the features of the false fungus so as not to confuse it with other species. Description of the bile fungus Characteristic signs Gall mushroom has its own bright signs

What is fungus root

On our planet, everything is interconnected. A vivid example of this is the concept of "fungus root." If this word is disassembled into its components, then it will immediately become clear, it implies the life of the fungus on the roots of plants. This is one of the important stages of symbiosis, which implies the life of a representative of one class at the expense of another and has a name - mycorrhiza

Features of Ficus Melanie

Rubber ficus Melanie is one of the permanent residents of apartments and houses. The plant is characterized by undemanding and unpretentious care, as well as a high number of useful and medicinal properties. Ficus rubbery Melanie is popular due to its compactness and miniature, which is why it is very often located in offices and at various enterprises

Do I need ficus in the house

If you have a desire to acquire a ficus, then you should know several main signs that will indicate the main advantages and disadvantages of such an act. All existing signs and superstitions are so different that it is very difficult for a person to make the right choice. Each nation has its own opinion and tries to impose it on the rest

Characteristic Hungarian Geese

Mankind has been breeding geese for many centuries, and perhaps this bird can be called one of the most popular among domestic animals. Today, there are dozens of breeds in the world, many of which were bred as a result of selection. The article talks about one of them, like the Hungarian geese. Hungarian geese Short description Modern representatives of the Hungarian geese are descendants of the wild, which were crossed with Emden and Pomeranian to preserve the species and improve the gene pool

Daily turkey care

Successful breeding of any living creature requires some skills from the farmer. A person should know how to care for young animals, organize their premises for living and so on. Today, many prefer turkey to chicken. If you are interested in daily allowances of turkey poultry, you can buy them in a specialized store, and in the future everything will depend on how much the breeder is well prepared and knowledgeable

Don salad for the winter - truly the best snack

From fresh tomatoes, fragrant onions and sweet bell peppers, you can make a wonderful vegetable salad, which the people called Don. Be sure to prepare a few jars of this juicy and fragrant dish during the season - in the winter this preparation will become a real find. Classic recipe Ingredients Tomatoes - 1 kg Bulgarian sweet pepper - 400 g Onions - 300 g Parsley - 0

Pear condensed milk is an unprecedented treat

Compote, juice, jam, jam, confiture, jam, pastille, candied fruit, drying are prepared from pears for the winter. These fruits are pickled (even without sterilization), soaked in jars and barrels. They are added to “salted” adjika-type salads. Is this not enough for you? Try making condensed milk from pears. Th