Description of Suffolk sheep

Sheep breeding is developed all over the world, in many countries this type of animal husbandry takes a leading place in the industry, and therefore the variety of breeds is amazing. One of them, the Suffolk sheep breed, is from England. It is the result of the crossing of the Norfolk Horned and Southdown species

How to make a harness-lead for a decorative ferret do it yourself

A ferret is a funny, agile and curious animal. Walking around the apartment will quickly bore him, he will want to explore uncharted territories. It is impossible to release a pet into the will of one. Ferret harness is sold at any pet store. The accessory is quite expensive, so it’s better to make it yourself.

Imperfect mushrooms and their representatives

Of all the variety of mushrooms known to science, in the Mushroom kingdom, there is a class of Imperfect mushrooms or Deuteromycetes. This is a class of higher organisms, the reproduction of which is carried out only through asexual sporulation. Some mycologists consider them a formal class of mushrooms

Popular Russula Mushroom

Russula mushroom is often found in our forests. It is harvested all summer, but the peak of productivity falls at the beginning of autumn. There are about 270 species of russula, most of them are edible. Only a few should not be eaten due to bitterness or toxicity. By taste, the mushroom belongs to category III, has useful properties

Bokarneya bent - domesticated culture

Bokarneya is a genus of tropical perennials of the Nolinov subfamily. In the wild, it grows only in the southern regions of Mexico and America. Certain species are domesticated and cultivated as ornamental indoor plants - one of them is bent turnaria. Bokarneya bent - domesticated culture Botanical characteristic Bokarneya, or Nolina, under natural conditions of growth reaches a height of up to 10 m with a trunk diameter of about 1 m

Rules for planting and caring for a garden orchid

Garden orchid - a beautiful, delicate and elegant flower, occupying a place of honor in any garden. In our climate, different varieties of such overseas beauties take root well. Garden orchid Varieties of Garden Orchids Garden orchids are durable, hardy and very different from indoor ones. In order not to make a mistake and plant the right plant, you need to understand their varieties

How to make a chicken coop for 50 hens

Chickens are one of the most popular poultry not only in the post-Soviet space, but also throughout the world. These picky helpers steadily provide families of millions of farmers with delicious dietary meat and eggs. But each owner knows that a good result from this bird can not be achieved if you do not invest effort and money in the proper maintenance of the wards

How to choose the temperature regime for broilers according to their age

In the chicken coop, a ventilation system should be installed, which is designed to replace the air flow in the room. It is equally important to control the temperature regime for broilers, without which the livestock can die. Temperature conditions for broilers Growing broilers is a lucrative occupation

Hot salted cucumbers - fast, easy and tasty

One of the quick and easy options for pickling in the summer is to cook salted cucumbers in a hot way. Thanks to him, the cucumbers turn out to be crispy and very fragrant, they are ready the very next day. You can add vegetables in any container convenient for you - a jar (1 or 3 l) or a pan, with the addition of your favorite spices, herbs, garlic or hot pepper

Eggplant Bakat Salad - A Popular Delicacy

Eggplant winter preparations are some of the most beloved. A special place is occupied by the Bakat salad, which does not require sterilization, due to which the vegetables are juicy, and the dish itself is low-fat and spicy. It should be noted that you can control the severity at your discretion - if you wish, either add ground hot pepper (or replace it with fresh hot pepper), or, on the contrary, completely eliminate it