Horse feed ration, what exactly do these animals eat

Since ancient times, man has taught horses to eat hay and grain. Such food was abundant, in addition, the animal received energy from it enough to work in the fields, in mines, etc. People started to think about what horses eat besides these products later. A new attitude towards horses as breeding animal athletes was served to change the diet

Pig pregnancy

A pig is an animal that is extremely appreciated by people for tasty meat. Domesticated the pet for a long time, which is why all its habits are well studied, rules for caring for it are developed. Recently, growing pigs for sale at home has become very common. This breeding requires a lot of effort, time and skills

Mushroom places of the Nizhny Novgorod region in 2019

Mushroom pickers know that you need to go for rich prey to ecologically clean areas remote from the city. Mushrooms of the Nizhny Novgorod region in 2019 are available for harvest from late spring to mid autumn. Mushroom places of the Nizhny Novgorod region in 2019 Features of mushroom places Mushroom places of the Nizhny Novgorod region are located at a great distance from the city - from 20 to 150 km

Using Blackberry Mushroom

There are many varieties of mushrooms. The blackberry mushroom includes about 15 subspecies that differ in appearance and habitat. Some of them actively bear fruit in a temperate climate. Using Blackberry Mushroom Mushroom Characterization A feature of the species is the appearance of the hymenophore

How to Care for a Masdevallia Orchid

Orchid Masdevallia is the collective name for a large group of plants. They are distinguished by their miniature and beautiful flowers of an unusual shape. Due to their small size, they are the best suited for growing at home. Orchid Masdevallia general information These plants were brought to us from South America

How to transplant roses in the fall - a simple technology

Transplanting roses to another place in the fall is considered more favorable for plant adaptation. During this period, the sun is not so active, and you can not be afraid that immature roses will suffer from burns, and an increase in the number of rainy days will contribute to rooting in a new area

What vitamins are necessary for the growth of broiler chickens

Vitamins for chickens are the main component of their diet, because the health of broilers depends on them. Every owner who decides to have a similar bird should know about it. Vitamins for broiler chickens Vitamins for young chickens in the early days of life play a very important role. The further growth and health of the bird depends on them

The use of Nifulin forte for birds

The drug Nifulin forte for birds helps in the fight against diseases that have a bacterial and parasitic etiology. He has established himself in veterinary medicine as a very effective medicine, can be used in pigeon breeding for both therapeutic and prophylactic purposes for pigeons, due to its wide spectrum of action nifulin oral powder

Stewed apricots and apples - a universal drink "and to the feast, and to the world"

Stewed apricots and apples is a vitamin source for the whole body, while it quenches thirst well. The finished drink turns out to be bright and sunny, the whole family will love it, so prepare with a margin! Let's consider in more detail all stages of the recipe. Stewed apricots and apples - better than any juice Ingredients Apricot - 12 pcs

Stewed apricots and currants - cooking secrets

On a gloomy winter day, stewed apricots and currants will be a vivid reminder of summer vacations. Red and black currants are recognizable in any dish - it will give a pleasant sourness to the treats that the whole family can enjoy. Consider how to make a delicious drink with an exquisite aroma. Stewed apricots and red currants Ingredients Apricots - 200 g Redcurrant - 150 g Water - 3 cups (200 ml) Sugar - 150 g Cooking We choose dense apricots for harvesting so that they do not boil during the cooking process