Features of the Swiss breed of cows

The Schwyz breed of cows is one of the most famous and popular among farmers and pastoralists. When deciding to start and raise this bull, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the characteristics, characteristics of the animal, and finding out the pros and cons of caring for a calf of this species

Miniature cameroon goats

Cameroon goats are increasingly gaining popularity in private agriculture and are raised as livestock on farms and even in apartments. Keep Cameroonian goats in a limited space allow their small size. Cameroon goats About Cameroon breed Dwarf Cameroonian goats initially became livestock in the Middle East and, thanks to whalers, began to spread through movement on whalers

Edible and poisonous agaric mushrooms

Each experienced mushroom picker knows that there are two large groups of mushrooms that are clearly separated by external signs, in particular in appearance and, accordingly, in the structure of the hymenophore. Leaf mushrooms are represented by an extensive number of species. They take the second place in taste, but at the same time they are very popular among lovers of "forest meat"

Using Blackberry Mushroom

There are many varieties of mushrooms. The blackberry mushroom includes about 15 subspecies that differ in appearance and habitat. Some of them actively bear fruit in a temperate climate. Using Blackberry Mushroom Mushroom Characterization A feature of the species is the appearance of the hymenophore

Watering Zamiokulkas - rules and recommendations

Proper watering of Zamiokulkas is the key to its beauty and health. This flower is a native of the hot African continent, so it tolerates dryness better than excessive humidity. For successful cultivation, you need to keep a balance and take into account the time of the year, moisturizing the plant as necessary

Singolo Orchid Care

Orchid Singolo is a one-color plant. Observing the features of transplantation, fertilizers, watering and top dressing, it is easy to get a beautiful and healthy plant. Orchid Singolo Orchid Description According to the description, Phalaenopsis Singolo is a compact orchid with one large flower. It has a small rosette with a low stem (15-20 cm), the roots are short and thick, the leaves are dense and fleshy

How to assemble an incubator for quail yourself

When breeding poultry, the most important thing is to breed young animals. And quails in this regard are very difficult to handle. Many quail, in particular, egg breeds, are not good enough hens and often throw masonry. And under other birds it is not necessary to lay their eggs, since their shells are not strong, so a separate incubator for quail remains the best solution

How to Keep Musk Ducks at Home

The musky duck, or, as it is also called, the indochka, won the hearts of poultry houses around the world. "Native American" ducks are distinguished by tasty and lean meat, a little like meat of waterfowl. Birds are raised not only for slaughter, but also for the sake of their delicious eggs

Kuban salad for the winter - vegetable overeating

I can confidently and without exaggeration say that Kuban salad is the most delicious. Such a variety and bright colors in one bank, perhaps, you will not find anywhere else. Cooking this wonderful dish is not at all difficult. It all comes down to the elementary chopping of vegetables. Next, add spices and seasonings, mix, insist, boil and lay out in jars

Hot salted cucumbers - fast, easy and tasty

One of the quick and easy options for pickling in the summer is to cook salted cucumbers in a hot way. Thanks to him, the cucumbers turn out to be crispy and very fragrant, they are ready the very next day. You can add vegetables in any container convenient for you - a jar (1 or 3 l) or a pan, with the addition of your favorite spices, herbs, garlic or hot pepper