Allergy to domestic rabbits in a child

When living with a pet, an allergy sometimes occurs in households. Domestic decorative rabbits, whose fur is quite thick and dense and can lead to an allergic reaction, are no exception. Allergies to rabbits are often manifested in children whose organisms have not yet formed immunity to withstand the effects of protein compounds present in the rabbit body

Nubian goat breed

Nubian goats are rarely found in Russia, but are quite popular in their African homeland. Nubian goats About the Nubian breed The breed got its name from a small homeland - Namibia, from where animals were taken by British breeders for experimental breeding. Although the mountain goat has the same homeland, it has nothing to do with livestock

Edible mushroom

The mushroom flake (hint) is an edible representative of the family Strophariaceae of the order Agaric from the genus Foliot. In appearance, they are similar to ordinary honey mushrooms, differing from the latter in smaller sizes. Widely used in Japanese cuisine. Edible mushroom Botanical characteristics of the genus Flakes include several representatives: ordinary (fleecy); edible (hint); fiery; destructive; alder; yellowing; golden yellow; red; gummy, etc

Can mushrooms be called vegetables

Mushrooms delight with vivid taste characteristics, a variety of shapes, colors and species. It is thanks to these characteristics that they are popular as the main ingredient for the preparation of many dishes of different nations of the world. But, along with plants and animals, mushrooms belong to the third kingdom of wildlife

Reticus Ficus Care Rules (Dull)

Growing Dull Ficus at home does not require much effort. This is an unpretentious plant that quickly adapts to environmental conditions. Retuzu is often used to create bonsai. Living miniature sculpture looks harmonious and elegant. Reticus Ficus Care Rules (Dull) In the wild, Reticus ficus reaches a height of 20 m

Orchid Pearl of the Emperor

Probably, there are no flower growers who would not be attracted by a magical and mysterious plant - an orchid. Orchid The pearl of the emperor belongs to monopodial epiphytes, large with a beautiful and magnificent color. Orchid Pearl of the Emperor Grade description The stem of the orchid is short, on it in two rows are fleshy, dark green leaves from 15 to 35 cm in length and 5-10 in width

Common eye diseases in chickens

Diseases of the eyes in chickens are a fairly common phenomenon and occur most often with improper care or maintenance. Swelling of the eyes in the chicken as in the photo, spontaneous closure or purulent discharge should be serious signals for the breeder. Since among these birds, eye diseases are quite easily and almost unhindered, the symptoms of one chicken’s disease can automatically mean an epidemic for the whole chicken coop - therefore, only after seeing such signs, it is necessary to diagnose and treat.

How and what to feed the chickens to carry many eggs

One of the conditions for a stable, healthy and good condition of an animal is its nutrition. Many farmers do not know how to feed chickens in order to lay many eggs. The productivity of birds consists of many factors - and their living conditions, the presence of daylight hours and even walking conditions

Mother-in-law's tongue

"Mother-in-law's tongue" is a traditional spicy snack loved by many housewives. The variety of cooking options for such a twist for the winter is really impressive, because you can cook it from almost any vegetable - for example, eggplant, zucchini or even cucumbers. At first glance, it might seem that the recipes for this spicy appetizer are almost identical, although in fact each of them is somewhat different, and the taste of the twist is different

Don salad for the winter - truly the best snack

From fresh tomatoes, fragrant onions and sweet bell peppers, you can make a wonderful vegetable salad, which the people called Don. Be sure to prepare a few jars of this juicy and fragrant dish during the season - in the winter this preparation will become a real find. Classic recipe Ingredients Tomatoes - 1 kg Bulgarian sweet pepper - 400 g Onions - 300 g Parsley - 0