What leaves of fruit trees can be added to the diet of rabbits

Balanced feed of domesticated rodents is the primary task of rabbit breeders who breed furry animals. Can rabbits be given tree leaves? Can rabbits be given leaves Green lure is a source of nutrients and vitamins that are necessary for the growth of rodents. Even experienced farmers are afraid to add walnut leaves to young rabbits

How to treat mastitis in goats

Breeding goats is a profitable occupation, which, however, is a lot of trouble. It does not matter how you farm, how large your farm is, or what goals you pursue when raising goats. Despite the fact that it is impossible to call a goat whimsical and demanding in care, nevertheless, you will have to work hard and get nervous, if suddenly the horned gets sick

Types of mushrooms in the Kaluga region

Hunting for fruits in the forest is a good way to have fun and prepare collected forest gifts for the winter. Mushrooms in the Kaluga region grow abundantly. In different types of plantations, fruits that differ in quality and quantity are harvested. It is necessary to approach the collection responsibly: eating poisonous fruits is dangerous

Mushroom places of the Nizhny Novgorod region in 2019

Mushroom pickers know that you need to go for rich prey to ecologically clean areas remote from the city. Mushrooms of the Nizhny Novgorod region in 2019 are available for harvest from late spring to mid autumn. Mushroom places of the Nizhny Novgorod region in 2019 Features of mushroom places Mushroom places of the Nizhny Novgorod region are located at a great distance from the city - from 20 to 150 km

Euphorbia Comb (Ribbed) - how to grow at home

Tropical Euphorbia Combed has won the hearts of many gardeners. This evergreen plant with an unusual ribbed trunk is a real decoration of any interior. Consider how a flower looks and how to properly care for it at home. Euphorbia Comb (Ribbed) - how to grow at home Description The botanical name of the flower of the euphorbia family is euphorbia lophogona

Planting clematis in the fall in the open ground

Clematis are beautiful flowers that are planted to decorate a site. In order for the bush to be strong and enjoy flowering for a long time, it needs good care: watering, top dressing, and disease prevention. The correct landing of clematis in the open ground in autumn is also important. Planting clematis in the fall in the open ground Choosing a place to land Correctly plant clematis in the fall is easy

How to feed a guinea fowl

Today, often in private farmsteads you can find not only the usual chickens and geese, but also guinea fowls. These birds are distinguished by their kind curious nature and attractive appearance. Relate to meat and egg orientation. Many people who decide to acquire such birds ask themselves how to feed the guinea fowl

Why chickens and roosters peck each other until blood

Many farmers wonder why chickens peck each other's blood. When breeding chickens, this problem is quite relevant. To understand why they peck themselves so or their brothers sometimes even to death, it is necessary to find out the reasons for this behavior. The first thing that poultry farmers can notice on the body of chickens is bald patches or even bleeding wounds

Pear condensed milk is an unprecedented treat

Compote, juice, jam, jam, confiture, jam, pastille, candied fruit, drying are prepared from pears for the winter. These fruits are pickled (even without sterilization), soaked in jars and barrels. They are added to “salted” adjika-type salads. Is this not enough for you? Try making condensed milk from pears. Th

Eggplant Bakat Salad - A Popular Delicacy

Eggplant winter preparations are some of the most beloved. A special place is occupied by the Bakat salad, which does not require sterilization, due to which the vegetables are juicy, and the dish itself is low-fat and spicy. It should be noted that you can control the severity at your discretion - if you wish, either add ground hot pepper (or replace it with fresh hot pepper), or, on the contrary, completely eliminate it