How to properly slaughter and butcher rabbits at home

For many people, feeding and caring for furry animals is not difficult, but as soon as the time comes to slaughter rabbits, they fall into a stupor. You can’t call the procedure enjoyable, but without it it’s absolutely pointless to breed feed rabbits. Breeding rabbits is a favorite pastime for most farmers, because thanks to it, through the slaughter of rabbits, there are always delicious dishes from fresh dietary meat on the dining table. In

The benefits and harms of lamb fat

Modern medicine does not stand still. Each year, new medicines, vitamins, as well as methods of combating diseases at different stages of manifestation appear. But nothing arises from the air. All current pills are based on many years of research and the practice of predecessors who did not neglect traditional medicine

Description of mushroom Serushka

Mushroom Serushka is one of the most popular among gourmets and lovers. It is common in birch groves and in the north, including in Siberia. Due to the caustic milky juice in the composition, the silver ear is considered conditionally edible. Description of mushroom Serushka Description The mushroom has a rich gray color, which is reflected in its name

Characterization of mushrooms in Central Russia

In Russia, mushrooms grow everywhere. The total number of species of hat mushrooms (macromycetes) exceeds 2, 000. Of these, nearly 300 are edible mushrooms of the middle strip of our country. And all this wealth for the most part remains unclaimed. Some are simply unfamiliar, others require additional processing

Euphorbia Laktey Kristata - how to care at home

Euphorbia Laktea Kristata is a tropical succulent native to the hottest countries of Asia. The name translated from Latin means "Milk Crests", which successfully illustrates the original shape and color of the plant. The cultivation of this milkweed has a certain specificity, requires careful care, knowledge and skills

Milk Milkweed Growing at Home

Euphorbia Milius at flower growers is better known as Euphorbia milia. This is one of the many species of euphorbiaceae that many have liked for its attractive appearance, despite the fact that signs do not recommend keeping spiny flowers at home. Euphorbia Mile About beautiful milkweed This succulent is often called beautiful and brilliant, but lovers of indoor succulent often call it the crown of thorns

How to make a nest for pigeons

Among the considerable number of birds that can be found in any city and village, pigeons are one of the most common. Unpretentious and at the same time very graceful, these birds quite deservedly enjoy popularity among domestic poultry farmers. It is also encouraging that keeping pigeons is quite simple: it is enough to provide them with regular feeding and arrange a suitable place for living and breeding

Characteristics of the Curie Breed Loman Brown

Loman Brown chickens meet all high standards of bio-productivity, therefore they are very popular. This is a cross-layer production line. In the world, these chickens are known due to the high productivity of eggs, although they are considered both meat and egg breeds. Chickens Broken Brown Story Chickens Loman Brown got their name from the German supplier Lohmann Tierzucht GmbH

Kuban salad for the winter - vegetable overeating

I can confidently and without exaggeration say that Kuban salad is the most delicious. Such a variety and bright colors in one bank, perhaps, you will not find anywhere else. Cooking this wonderful dish is not at all difficult. It all comes down to the elementary chopping of vegetables. Next, add spices and seasonings, mix, insist, boil and lay out in jars

Stewed apricots and currants - cooking secrets

On a gloomy winter day, stewed apricots and currants will be a vivid reminder of summer vacations. Red and black currants are recognizable in any dish - it will give a pleasant sourness to the treats that the whole family can enjoy. Consider how to make a delicious drink with an exquisite aroma. Stewed apricots and red currants Ingredients Apricots - 200 g Redcurrant - 150 g Water - 3 cups (200 ml) Sugar - 150 g Cooking We choose dense apricots for harvesting so that they do not boil during the cooking process