Features of the Lion-headed Rabbit

A person who is far from nature, busy with routine affairs gets tired and needs a devoted friend who would save him from everyday fuss. Most residents of megacities have pets, ranging from the usual cats, ending with exotic pets. Lion-headed rabbit has been very popular recently. The name of the animal was due to its special appearance: long hair framing the head, but short in other parts of the body, makes the beast look like a lion

The content of pigs at home

Keeping pigs at home is a profitable business, albeit somewhat troublesome. But, as they say, you can’t easily take a fish out of a pond, and even more so, you won’t grow a healthy, well-fed pig. There is no need to talk about the taste of pork for a long time. This product is tasty in any form: boiled, fried, smoked, salted. Po

Mushrooms of the Urals

The Urals is a vast territory of Russia with magnificent nature and large forests, in which there are many valuable mushrooms, berries and other plants. Every year, locals harvest rich crops. More than one agricultural company has been created here, so the edible mushrooms of the Urals are sold in many regions in salted, pickled, frozen and dried forms

What do the blueberry mushrooms look like?

One of the interesting natural representatives is the blue foot mushroom, which in the scientific world is called the rank of the lilac-legged for its characteristic leg color. What do the blueberry mushrooms look like? Description of appearance The row of the blue foot, or two-color, is distinguished by its unusual appearance

How to use Coconut Chips for Orchids

For planting exotic plants use coconut peat, which is a kind of nutty substrate. Coconut chips are also used for orchids and other decorative flowers. How to use Coconut Chips for Orchids Coconut substrates The substrate from the coconut palm fruit is an organic medium intended for growing mushrooms, vegetables, berries, fruits and various crops, where the peel acts as a raw material

Orchid care in a vase and bulb

Flower lovers are increasingly starting to grow plants in an unusual way. Particularly popular was the orchid in a vase and flask. But not all varieties are suitable for this method of growing, and there are some difficulties in caring for the flower. Orchid care in a vase and bulb Orchid cultivation in a vase Growing such a flower in a round vase is becoming increasingly popular

What are the breeds of broilers

In order to get a lot of poultry meat in a short time, breeders developed special crosses. We will analyze the most popular breeds of farm broilers, which can be grown both in conditions of mass breeding and in small farms. Broiler Breeds Bird features There is no such thing as a broiler breed in science

Common Chick Diseases

Some people grow broiler chickens not only on an agricultural farm, but also in the city on their own loggia. For many farmers, raising broiler birds at home is not just a hobby, for them it is both a food product and income. Diseases of small broiler chickens are not uncommon at present. In order for chick sores to go away without complications, you need to know what disease symptoms can attack broilers and how to deal with various infections

Stewed apricots and apples - a universal drink "and to the feast, and to the world"

Stewed apricots and apples is a vitamin source for the whole body, while it quenches thirst well. The finished drink turns out to be bright and sunny, the whole family will love it, so prepare with a margin! Let's consider in more detail all stages of the recipe. Stewed apricots and apples - better than any juice Ingredients Apricot - 12 pcs

Carrot caviar for the winter - the most delicious recipes

It is not overseas, not eggplant, but also tasty and desirable. However, not all have tried it yet. But in vain! The taste of carrot caviar is complex, rich. Depending on the desire of the hostess, she can be tender and sweetish or spicy and spicy. Caviar with onion, garlic and tomato paste Ingredients Carrots - 1 kg (unpeeled) Onion - 500 g Garlic - 7 cloves (large) Tomato juice - 350 g or 3 tablespoons of tomato paste, diluted with 300 ml of water; Refined Sunflower Oil - 100 ml Vinegar - 50 ml (strength - 9%) Salt - 1 tsp