Pig farming as a profitable business

Pig farming can be a profitable business, but breeding boars and pigs at home requires certain rules to be followed. If you have good pigsties and a territory for collecting green food, it is quite possible to organize breeding of even the most capricious breeds. Consider what a novice pig farmer should know

Factors Affecting Horse Speed

Everyone who has ever visited a hippodrome at least once knows that the horse develops a rather high speed. This indicator depends on many factors. Consider what the horse’s speed depends on. We also get acquainted with the statistics, find out the average and maximum speed indicators recorded to date.

What means do you wash your hands after peeling mushrooms

Harvested mushrooms require mandatory cleaning from dirt, leaves or spruce needles - in general, from various forest debris. Often this process is difficult. Nails and fingers darken, washing hands after mushrooms is not easy, if you do not know some tricks. Hand washing after peeling mushrooms The cause of darkening of the hands Not all mushrooms cause darkening of the hands and nails

The use of champignons during pregnancy

Each woman forms her own new taste preferences during pregnancy. Champignons should be consumed in this difficult period of life in a small amount. They will not do any harm to the health of mother and child. The use of champignons during pregnancy Mushrooms during pregnancy Champignons have 200 species and almost all are eaten

Ficus Pumila White Sunny

In the modern world, there are many different types of domestic plants. Some of them are kept at hand due to their healing qualities, some play a decorative role. The latter include the dwarf ficus Pumila. Ficus Pumila White Sunny This flower has interesting weaving abilities, so it is often used as a wall decoration in homes or offices

Diseases and treatments for ficus

Ficus is particularly popular among home decorative bush flowers. Caring for it is quite simple, however, like many flowers, it is susceptible to various diseases. Ficus diseases are quite simple, their causes are mainly poor conditions, lack of prevention or a sick flower in the neighborhood. Diseases and treatments for ficus Treatment of the bush largely depends on the nature of the disease

Instructions for use Virosalma for pigeons

Almost every bird disease has a vaccine. The main thing is to carry out prophylaxis in time. Virosalm for pigeons is a kind of pathogen that builds immunity in the pigeon's body to resist the disease. This vaccine helps to fight with two types of ailment - this is salmonellosis and Newcastle disease

Using Amprolium for Turkeys

When growing poultry, farmers often encounter infectious diseases. A proven remedy for treating turkey flocks against common coccidiosis is the turkey amprolium. Using Amprolium for Turkeys Pharmacology of the drug and composition Amprolium for turkeys refers to a water-soluble powder, the color of which can be in acceptable shades of white and light yellow

Kuban salad for the winter - vegetable overeating

I can confidently and without exaggeration say that Kuban salad is the most delicious. Such a variety and bright colors in one bank, perhaps, you will not find anywhere else. Cooking this wonderful dish is not at all difficult. It all comes down to the elementary chopping of vegetables. Next, add spices and seasonings, mix, insist, boil and lay out in jars

Pear condensed milk is an unprecedented treat

Compote, juice, jam, jam, confiture, jam, pastille, candied fruit, drying are prepared from pears for the winter. These fruits are pickled (even without sterilization), soaked in jars and barrels. They are added to “salted” adjika-type salads. Is this not enough for you? Try making condensed milk from pears. Th