Characteristics of pigs breed Large White

At the moment, the Large White breed of pigs is in demand around the globe. This species is quite common because of its excellent adaptability to harsh living conditions, both climatic and fodder. Description of the pig breed Large White In the 19th century a particularly large and hardy breed of pigs was bred on Foggy Albion, and by the end of the century there was a threat of degeneration of Yorkshire pigs

Varieties of drinking bowls for pigs

A pig, like any other animal on the farm, needs a separate housing, equipped with everything necessary for its comfortable living with equipment. Favorable conditions contribute to increased productivity of farmed individuals. Quite unpretentious in everyday life, pigs still need certain living conditions

Types of Autumn Mushrooms

Autumn mushrooms contain vegetable protein; they grow in almost all regions of Russia. At this wonderful time of the year, anyone can easily pick up a full basket of mushrooms for pickling, pickling, drying or frying. Types of Autumn Mushrooms general characteristics Types of autumn mushrooms according to the degree of edibility are divided into the following taste categories: 1st category: edible (the most delicious and fragrant, among which are white, brown boletus, mushrooms); 2 category: conditionally edible; 3 category: inedible; 4th category: poisonous (fly agaric, pale grebe)

Mushroom hornbeam

The tasteful mushroom hornbeam is used in many fields. It has similar characteristics with the common boletus, but differs in a hat with a browner color. Appreciate it for plentiful fruiting and useful qualities. Strongly exposed to damage by larvae. Mushroom hornbeam Description Gray birch bark (gray obobok, elm birch bark) belongs to the order Polevye and the family of the same name

Euphorbia Comb (Ribbed) - how to grow at home

Tropical Euphorbia Combed has won the hearts of many gardeners. This evergreen plant with an unusual ribbed trunk is a real decoration of any interior. Consider how a flower looks and how to properly care for it at home. Euphorbia Comb (Ribbed) - how to grow at home Description The botanical name of the flower of the euphorbia family is euphorbia lophogona

Orchids without flower stalk

Sometimes it is not possible to force the phalaenopsis orchid to produce a peduncle, despite the fact that the plant looks healthy and receives the necessary care. Orchids without peduncles are the result of errors in care. Orchids without flower stalk How to make an orchid blossom The homeland of phalaenopsis is hot and humid tropics, it responds to drought and heavy rains

Features of Takla Pigeons

Takla pigeons are one of the most common breeds. They live in various territories. This breed of birds is in demand due to the original flying qualities. Often this bird is assigned to the squad of pigeons. This is due to the fact that during the flight she carries out an interesting game of wings. Each experienced breeder must have at least several representatives of this breed

Breeds of high-flying pigeons

Breeders distinguish between pigeons, postal, decorative, meat and flying. Among the last flyers, groups are distinguished according to features. Game somersaults in the air, perform funny and beautiful tricks. High-flying pigeons, in turn, can be compared with racing cars among their relatives. These are elite individuals, which were carefully and carefully selected and bred for hundreds of years

Carrot caviar for the winter - the most delicious recipes

It is not overseas, not eggplant, but also tasty and desirable. However, not all have tried it yet. But in vain! The taste of carrot caviar is complex, rich. Depending on the desire of the hostess, she can be tender and sweetish or spicy and spicy. Caviar with onion, garlic and tomato paste Ingredients Carrots - 1 kg (unpeeled) Onion - 500 g Garlic - 7 cloves (large) Tomato juice - 350 g or 3 tablespoons of tomato paste, diluted with 300 ml of water; Refined Sunflower Oil - 100 ml Vinegar - 50 ml (strength - 9%) Salt - 1 tsp

Mother-in-law's tongue

"Mother-in-law's tongue" is a traditional spicy snack loved by many housewives. The variety of cooking options for such a twist for the winter is really impressive, because you can cook it from almost any vegetable - for example, eggplant, zucchini or even cucumbers. At first glance, it might seem that the recipes for this spicy appetizer are almost identical, although in fact each of them is somewhat different, and the taste of the twist is different