Ferret Care and Features

Caring for a ferret is not an easy task. Of course, the animal is not as demanding as the dog, but it requires strength and time from the owner. Before you get this predatory animal, it is worth considering how much attention you are ready to devote to it. It is required to learn as much as possible about domestic ferrets, their lifestyle, habits, nutrition

How to feed rabbits and how to do it right

How to feed rabbits so that they are healthy and gain weight normally? This question is asked by both novice farmers and owners of decorative hand-held animals. What to feed rabbits Diet for rabbits should be varied. The diet includes green, concentrated feed, salt and vitamin supplements. Summer and winter menus are also different

Types of Mushroom Starfish

Mushroom starfish is a typical representative of the Starfish family. It refers to conditionally edible eukaryotes, which have found application in traditional medicine and partially in cooking. Types of Mushroom Starfish Appearance The star mushroom also has another name - “earthen star”, or “geastrum” (from lat. “Geo”

Types of meadow champignon

For those who do not like to delve into the thickets of the forest, meadow champignon is of particular interest. It grows in open clearings, garden and summer cottages, near houses and farms. Types of meadow champignon Description Champignon, in translation means "mushroom". Hat: diameter - from 7 to 17 cm; the form is regular, round, with a characteristic bulge; color is gray-brown; membranes are thin, transparent, densely located; the spores are gray-black

How to Care for a Masdevallia Orchid

Orchid Masdevallia is the collective name for a large group of plants. They are distinguished by their miniature and beautiful flowers of an unusual shape. Due to their small size, they are the best suited for growing at home. Orchid Masdevallia general information These plants were brought to us from South America

Features of orchid cultivation and care

Phalaenopsis is a moody flower. But, if you properly organize the care of the orchid at home, it will delight you with plentiful blooms at least 2 times a year. Care, in addition to watering and top dressing, includes the organization of a certain level of air humidity and temperature, transplanting a pot

Varieties of large breeds of chickens

Every day and every year in the world there are some changes: someone sets new records, someone creates new types of animals, someone boasts other achievements. There are competitions between birds. For example, it is interesting to know what the largest breeds of chickens exist today. Description of large breeds of chickens Varieties of the largest species of chickens Basically, all large breeds of chickens are of the meat type

Shorthair chickens

Breeding domestic chickens is common throughout the globe. For several decades, breeders have been breeding breeds that differ in certain characteristics of productivity or appearance. One of the most popular for home maintenance are chickens with shaggy legs. Shaggy Chickens What caused the demand for such birds

Amber pear jam - a delicious sweet for the winter

This jam is boiled for a long time, 2-3 days. But at the same time, you need to stand at the stove a little: at first - only when cutting pears, then - only 5-10 minutes. Therefore, this recipe can be safely called jam for the busy. And at the same time the final product turns out to be successful envy: the most tender slices (or slices, as you like to cut) pears in a thick, viscous, similar to amber honey syrup

Sweet pepper freezing are the two easiest ways.

What a delicious bell pepper. It is served on a “diner” plate, stuffed, baked, added to salads and first courses. I want to share my recipe for freezing sweet pepper - whole and straws. By freezing the whole pepper, you can quickly stuff it, having previously thawed it on the day of preparation. Straw pepper is added to the first and second dishes, to fry and gravy, various sauces, to pizza and so on. Fo